feel good factor

To day, after having a cup of tea & having message from the media that in forthcoming 2-5 months we will be comparatively in better situation,I really felt happy .

“Feel Good factor”-— I uttered.. In this adverse situation– need of the hour– I murmured within self…

This pandemic had changed our lives completely. These changes are being reflected through loss of our lives,destruction of economy, change in the class/caste structure . This led us to have an urgency for the struggle for our existence. To be fit to fight against this pandemic situation & to survive.

Feel good Factor” can obviously be useful & helpful to enable us leading a healthy life even during an adverse situation in the following way.....

  1. It, as a +ve psychological aspect help in producing “Endorphins(a chemical produced by the nervous system) to fight against our stress/pain.
  2. It would help in better sleeping(to reduce sleeping disorder) to rejuvenate ourselves.
  3. It increases your power of “Resilience“(power of bouncing back from difficult situation and overcome hardship)
  4. Feeling happy acts as catalyst for producing “Oxytocin hormone” which further increases bonding between us & you all know it is known therefore as Love/cuddle hormone.
  5. You might be knowing the impact of having “High Self Esteem“. People with high self esteem take higher risk & learn from the failure instead of getting frustrated. A frustrated person can’t do anything in life. People having skill of feeling good always irrespective of situation enhances their inner potentialities & get himself ready for the next forthcoming opportunity.
  6. Happiness & cheerful attitude lower down the risk of anxiety, high -Hypertension,shortness of breathing, cardio attack etc…
  7. Help internalising preference of “Accepting” over “Expecting”. we know that one of the factor for our being unhappy is– Expectation & not being able to accept the reality when not met.

According to Sigmund Freud— The inner conflict is due to Id, Ego & super Ego(psychological Component of personality). Id is based on pleasure seeking principle/primitive instinct & when desire something(drive on Id) to be gratified then “Ego”(based on reality principle) try to mediate & we come to know the reality,accept the situation & accept it as it is. Practice of feel good factor will enhance you & make you dynamic to be happy as per the situation.

These are some of the impact & if we go on listing, it will go further which implies the requirement of it in our life especially when daily news of death,our economic instability & uncertain future really takes us to an emotionally fragile state. Moreover, due to the stressful situation, positive psychological aspects —“happiness,traits,interests,+ve relationship etc have been substituted gradually by negative psychological factors like “Anxiety”, “depression””conflict”,”uncontrollability of our behaviour & patience”.

No one can deny that these are affecting our social factors also and creating imbalance in social support system, institute like family & our cultural belief.

Well,the importance of feel good factor thus unavoidable but in what way, we can internalise it in our daily life for the sake of better living? Let us have a look —

1. Meditation:-


I would n’t go for the details of it as all know the impact of it. When you have plenty of time then why n’t practice it? You not need the specialist person to teach you. Just sit comfortably,close your eyes, start the process inhale & exhale. Do it & see the better you if you can practise it continuously. Need to say more??? Not at all as you know.


you need to practice/repeat phrases like above again & again & inturn you will be empowered to against obstacles. For e.g– “Start saying– Yes! I can”……. Impossible is the word which is found only in foolish dictionary & if you break the word it is -I –AM –POSSIBLE”. No-way there exists any scope of not possibility…


Gratitude pic

In this materialistic world, what we are lacking day by day is showing our “Gratitude”. Gratitude has linkage with feeling happiness, save you from loneliness, managing your stress.

Express your gratitude everyday for the life you have been given by the grace of “God”, Convey you thanks for the nice family/neighbours you have, Convey your thanks to the health workers/police & others -protecting us during this pandemic. Your little appreciation might be bouncing back a blessing from the hundreds of societal members- extending their helping hands towards you thus make you feel within the safety net..

4. Be Trustworthy:-

It takes time to establish good & positive relationship but your trying will n’t be based on any cheating or hurting people.

5. It is better to find out good & +ve nature in everything instead of finding fault & involving in negative criticism…

myThumbnail (3)

6. Believe in SELF:-

believe in self

There is a saying– if you don’t love yourself,don’t believe in yourself then no one would believe you. First try to believe that you have the strength/inner potentialities within yourself. Every one goes through a bad phases to some extent. The entire world is passing through the adverse situation. But during this period, don’t be lazy. Involve yourself with some activity what you like most or you have never tried. This is the best time to sharpen your skill & to get yourself ready for the forthcoming days.

Believe me, it is the high time for you to display some introspection regarding your consciousness related to your strength & you will flourish as a result of it.

7. Stay tune at present:-


Our past is dead and future is unseen. What you have only the present. So emphasize on present. American Writer-“Del Carnegie” had also mentioned in one of his writing that instead of planning for long future & getting frustrated, it’s better to plan & live for the day.

Every morning after waking up, we should say- “We want to live for the day beautifully” & would try all the way ot make it nice & rememberable”….

8. Start your day with a “SMILE”:-

smile (2)

Need n’t to say.. It costs nothing but we forget. Practice it to the extent possible & discover the difference within you.

9.Turn on & Off your brain/Switch on & Off your mindset:-

Suppose, Lockdown & Isolation made you anxious,frustrated. It might raise your blood pressure level high. What would you do?

Just learn the skill of switching off your mind from the source which make you anxious & switch your mind on toward any golden moment of the past or hoping to get a golden day soon.

You can also practise one process. Re-call the moment/stimulus which make you uncomfortable & let it be continuing. Then switch it off & reluxe yourself for a while. Continue this process & there will be a time when you will feel desensitized towards that stimulus. But for that identification of stimulus , responding mechanism & relaxation process is there. So, better to adopt switch on & off of mind.

10. Empathy:-

Empathy is feeling with a person & taking yourself in the position of a person to feel the actual situation.

Try to feel the role of health workers/Police person/Children facing situation like starvation. Your moral standard will be upgraded & you might be welcoming the health worker who returns back after his/her duty during pandemic or you might n’t be breaking the rules during lock down or perhaps you would be involving yourself for contributing to the orphanage to save those children from starvation. The moment people would have “EMPATHY”, believe me most of the unsolved problems in our society will get momentum towards the path of diminishing.

I could remember one “Teacher” who used to define types of people.

Ist type- Take time to understand , but implement, once it is understood.

2nd type— Understand quickly but will n’t implement or follow gradually.

3rd type– Will show the attitude of knowing everything still n’t following in life.

4th type— Believe learning at every step of life, like to remind or find immense pleasure in reminding & follow it quickly if forgotten or discontinuing anyway.

I don’t know in which category you are belonging or you have any other category but remember in-spite of all knowledge if you are suffering from unstable life based on tension,frustration/anxiety, it is because all of your knowledge are in your thought process or subconscious mind. You have n’t implemented yet.

Everyone like to lead a good and healthy life. When we consider a person “good”, we take granted his moral conception of good over all materialistic world or consider himself as a self n’t only thinking for himself or his families, equally involving in some activities-benefiting others.

It definitely render social message—- think positive, be optimistic,do some good work, be virtuous—- Have feel good factors.

So, if you lost peace of mind & thinking of recharging it for your healthy life keeping pain/stress under your control …by .. internalising feel good factor .. .. then……………..

——————– YOU ARE———————


Hello——” SALINA”–

Suppose, you are suffering from illness & need to be hospitalised. What would be your next move?

To arrange vehicle for the purpose–right? Some people are working hard to protect us from or to recover from it. Doctors,Nurses,other health workers really deserve to be honoured for rendering their services. In this respect We should include also one category -i.e-“driver’ without whom process of recovering would remain incomplete.

When there is no driver to bring patient to the Hemtabad health center of Uttar Dinajpur district in West bengal in times of crisis due to reasons,then one young lady is always there to extend her helping hand…

SALINA”–. Salina begum(MA passed) is a resident of Hemtabad of Uttar Dinajpur, got trained in driving & Carrying patient to the Hemtabad health center on 24/7 basis. While rendering service she is equally aware about her protection against COVID 19.

salina begum-2

Such a bold lady never rejected any patient & her parent is proud for her dedication.

For her service, One Health authority of the health center had rightly mentioned her as “DEVI- DURGA (Female deity)– saving life of people….

But my point is not only to highlight her success story of being a self independent woman helping people.

“SALINA” here is reflecting to day’s Hundred or thousand female gender who want to ask question to the people believing in “Polarization or “Gender Bias” or the people who repents for having girl child & encouraging “Female-Feticide” despite of laws related to it. Why do this type of negative attitude exist in our societal frame when we claim ourselves to be modern/educated & cultural social being?????

Actually if we go through our perception towards gender perspective, it can be found even through the advertisement of modern educated woman attached with soap or utensils,assuring the best quality of the product by presenting her feminine aspect. Though over the years there had been a lot of change & now we can see women participating in advertisement like- Fire fighter,coach etc still, in the patriarchal society,perceiving female gender as an ‘object’ had n’t been changed to that extent which reflect through ‘harassment at work place or rape”.

“SALINA” here might be one of other successful women & representing”Change agent” system to break the existing “patriarchal’ pattern & also other causative factor like -religion,caste/class/creed which made us bound to maintain SOCIAL -DISTANCING even before the start of affecting COVID 19 in our societal frame in a hidden & destructive form.

Character like SALINA- BEGUM- also encourages “Beti bachao- beti porao“(save girl child & educate her) & render a message to the male chauvinist or feminist to abstain themselves from believing in either extreme ideology & following” humanism’ which is much more needed .

The need of “HUMANISM” might be acting as a catalyst for providing us strength/power to struggle for existence in the community—-society— State—- whole world, especially in this adverse situation.

While we seeking an answer, SALINA BEGUM might be getting ready to carry patient to the destination—– picking up the phone of patient party—-


Telephone pic

Fungus, boosting our immunity needs to be preserved…..


Exhausted!/getting bored due to our daily monotonous routine? Next step of us might be travelling towards “Hilly area” for a while to rejuvenate our strength all the way..

This was the scenario of pre-COVID 19 situation which is changed due to this deadly virus ,due to which we are in locked down & maintaining social distancing. Every where one aspect is now getting priority–“our immunity“. Person with strong immune power is recovering faster even after COVID attack.

Think about 1000 years back when there were only natural resources by which people used to be treated & got well especially in chaina & Tibet. Even today also even today natural resources like Coriander,Turmeric cinnamon, pepper plants are having immense value in increasing our immunity.

In this regard we all know about the name of one fungus that had been using from long years back ..
Yes! You guessed rightly—


We also know this can be used in medicine for multiple purposes —Stimulation of immune system,libido, kidney, asthma,liver, irregular menstruation,bronchitis etc .


This Yarsagumba is actually a caterpillar fungus fusion that occurs when parasitic mash room spores infect and mummify a ghost moth larva in the soil. It can be 2-6 cm long & can be found in India,Nepal,Bhutan & in the Tibetan plateau.


It is known in different name in the world, for e.g- in India-KIRA JIRA, in Chaine-Dong chong Xia, in Nepal– Yarsagumba. This is also known as “Himalayan Gold” costs around $18000/kg.

Nature was always with us in the form of blessings but we could n’t understand yet the importance of its existence in our life. we have accustomed in our modern life which is being built by the destruction of nature.

The production of this valuable & precious kind of mash room is declining day by day -may be due to excessive harvesting or climate change. We might have knowledge of it right from its scientific name to its price in the market. What we should know is — we should emphasize to preserve our natural resources.

If you also know this then please help in awaring the importance of it to the Mass/Authority to put emphasize on the preservation policy of this precious fungus. Steps to be taken from all sectors for saving this valuable “Himalayan Gold” for the sake of us ..

One thing I always think whether we are going back to early era day by day because – now we have the facility of research on virus , allopathy medicine,instrument. Still we are becoming bound for the inclusion of “Ayurveda” ,concept of discipline life,meditation — helping each other—- prayer– life of a Monk– thus going back towards to the time zone exactly same as starting of civilization in the world…. Do you believe?

In this locked down period, stay at home, maintain your hygiene & emphasize on your thought process…

stay at home pic

In loving memory of my mother

Mothers day pic

Today is mother’s day. Mother is perhaps such a person who accepts her child in spite of all mistakes. All world might go against you but she would never reject you.

“Mother” is one of the form of sovereignty of God who teaches us to believe in self & to upgrade self esteem. She through her motherhood encourages to learn the unlearnt & to forget the learnt socially unaccepted behaviour. Mother child relationship is same & unconditional ,whether it is biological or in case of adoption. In psychology this relationship had been described in various way through different theories but what I believe– no theory / concept /sentence would ever became successful in describing this beautiful relationship.

Today sitting beside the picture of my mother, all childhood memories are appearing one by one. At that time there was not the era of mobile technology and I could remember after finishing our schooling when I left home for further education, we had to depend on our letter writing & posting through post office .

When we started using mobile, I used to phone every now & then to her . One of my colleague in one organization still remembers my conversation with my mother where she used to start with knowing my meal timing, whether I was using jacket if it was a cold weather. Before taking any decision, I used to discuss with her as it gave me a lot of courage & strength.

Whenever I faced difficulties or got frustrated whether in my personal life or at working place, she was there to encourage & when other people used to criticize,she advised me to ignore it . Even when I resigned from any job for a valid reason, she was there to extend her helping hands in every extent.

Some of my well wishers(as they think so–) tried to criticize badly about my irresponsible behaviour for not going to home for a long time to look after her. But My mother advised me to just ignore & ignore as she told that she knew I cared her . We often discussed when she was going to settle with me in the place where I was living.

21st Nov’2018 was the worst day for me. That day, I came to know that she passed away. I could reach home in the next day as it was far far away & I could n’t get ticket that night.

I was started trembling & started crying loudly when after reaching home I saw her lying & was ready for her heavenly journey. I was murmuring how it was possible when on 21st morning I had conversation with her & she told that in next year she was going to shift & settle with me. I could n’t understand she was going to settle in other place for ever.

One of my friend expressed his deepest condolence through phone & also tried to verify whether I was also feeling sad like him.

This kind of people actually represents those who believe all good is within themselves. There was another close childhood friend who didn’t even visit me . But I wanted to convey my thanks to everyone who helped me right from cremation to sraddh(a religious celebration).

After returning & joining to my work, I came to know that huge amount had been deducted from my salary due to my absenteeism. I tried to make the hierarchy remember the condition of taking emergency leaves for number of days as per requirement & also the clause that reflect nothing would be deducted, in the appointment letter. But all my effort went in-vain. The person in the top of hierarchy is backed by some other marked person in the society and that person try to establish himself as the servant of GOD through charity . “Hypocrites are synonym to sinners” I tried to remember.

“Hypocrisy and spirituality never go together” Sri Ramkrishna told to his devotee. Even Jesus told about Hypocrisy —“——-You hypocrites! you shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces—“.

I decided to come out from that materialistic world, from the company of that sinner who commercialize everything, perceive things from the perspective of profit & loss calculation with inclusion of even—- “Mother“—– I left my job…

Earlier, it was my mother who encouraged whenever I resigned from job. But from the time I lost her– I knew I had to start alone….

To day, Where ever you are — I am wishing you “a very very happy mothers day” thinking you always with me , your blessings & advise would be there to go against all odds/all barriers…”

Where ever you are -“YOU REST IN PEACE”

Mothers pic 4

Importance of SHG & IGP in the support service for the family of cancer patient…..

girls pic

Writing is expression of inner feelings and we do it for the sake of our self. If it comes in my mind , I can’t wait & start to jot it down immediately

For the past few days, remembrance of one sweet girl child- “Tiara’(name changed) of around 7 years old was coming to my mind. That sweet angel who used to come to our organization with her parent as beneficiary of our sponsorship programme. That girl used to run,draw and we all staff were very happy.

One day she became ill,having fiver and later we came to know she was suffering from “ cancer”. Her parent was in-capable to bear medical expenses. Organization then came forward & every possible step was taken to save that girl child. I could remember those days when “Tiara” came using mask and was under medication. She drew picture and spent some time with us. No one knew that was the last meeting with her.

In spite of all our trying right from financial to mental support we couldn’t save her. I could still remember that in spite of all our training & professionalism, we broke down , couldn’t resist from crying for a while.

Tiara” here is one of many children suffering from cancer inclusion of huge number of adults. Among the types of cancer are– common cancer,breast cancer,cervical,gastric,lung,prostate,gall bladder etc to mention a few types. If we go through data at a glance, risk of developing cancer before age of 75 years–is 9.81% among male and 9.42% among female (approximately).

We all know —certain factors like -Tobacco, obesity, hormones, chronic inflammation, Lack of physical activity & leading unhealthy lifestyle are actually causative factors/ responsible for the disease.

I am n’t here today to write details regarding causes & symptoms. Many organization are working for reduction /prevention & eradication of that deadly disease. There are number of civil society organizations working with this aspect through their prevention/research/capacity building & support service and really these are appreciable -no doubt.

With this connection, I would like to emphasize the importance of having “Self help group”(SHG) and internalising this with Income generation programme(IGP).

We just can’t ignore the importance of creation of this group. There are support group which are formed among the “cancer survivors”. Often support services are being rendered to them by counseling, creating an opportunity for meeting to share their feelings , discuss dos and do -not’s,extending of clinical services, nursing,awareness regarding nutrition etc. Here comes the formation of SHG, providing training, knowledge- enhancement regarding production, linkage establishment of product & market, availability of loan scheme etc. “Tiara” was still lucky because she at least got help from the organization to continue her fight against the disease. But there are many families which can’t access……

As we know that as per sec 135 of companies act– every qualifying company requires spending of at least 2% of its average net profit on CSR activities. Every organization is doing their best for reduction of economic burden of their beneficiaries. The motto of social work is to help people to help themselves. To help them to be self independent in all ways. With limited resources ,services can’t be rendered for a beneficiary for long term basis. He or she or their family members must be self independent after a certain time.

If member from families ,belongs to low income group within the target group can be selected for the programmes of SHG, IGP– then those families will definitely get courage to fight against the disease.

Awareness regarding the disease along with step towards inclusion of economic self independency programme can be fruitful………

What do you think???????

Living with COVID 19…

From December, we are anxious about one thing -i.e- COVID 19.  Still now whether it is before going to bed at night or after waking up in the morning — every hour, every minute  what is revolving around our mind is– what would be in our forthcoming days.

All of us are getting information from media. Yesterday I came to know that two young scientists became able to find out 11 characters in COVID. No-doubt ,it would be helpful in the invention of vaccine.

Different countries are trying in a different ways to find out vaccine. For eg- Abu dhabi is concentrating on “Stem cell” therapy. University of California & Park institute is emphasizing on “T-cell “. ‘Eco-Health Alliance” –one Ngo is trying through “BAT”.  In India  work is going on emphasizing on “plasma therapy” along with others. Like that every country is trying. It might take 2 to 5 months  right from invention to commercialization of vaccine & making vaccine accessible to human being . Simultaneously efforts  are also on identification of  Anti viral molecule which would be helpful in case of failure of vaccine.

Every night I think We sleep praying to God for the elimination of this deadly virus by invention of vaccine. Elimination of the virus which had completely changed our life. Equally it had started showing impact on economy reflecting through the increasing number of unemployment in the current scenario of “Lock-down & isolation”.

Lock down and isolation is unavoidable to stop spreading of virus. Its a good sign that with lock down- step is now taken for increasing number of test to find out COVID +ve cases. In India, there is one district called-bhilwara of Rajasthan state which had shown decreasing number of COVID cases. They had followed not only complete shut down process but also they emphasized on reaching  of their health workers to people for test and providing essential items to the people thus encouraging them for home stay for their safety and safety for the district as a whole. This had become popular as “Bhilwara -model”.

But Lock down can’t be a permanent solution. It can halt the spreading situation for the time being. WE have to consider its impact on industrialisation/employment also.  Thoughts on starting of manufacturing units at the earliest with conditions,integration of big industries with the smaller ones – is  really welcome but gradually inclusion of service sector should also be taken into consideration.

Equally, needless to mention regarding the required step of cash flow for the persons engaged with unorganized sectors for their protection and livelihood.

In every society there exists a class which is in between “Rich” and “poor’-i.e-“MIDDLE CLASS” . The job through which the person use to provide premium for his family insurance, sons or daughter’s fees –will  n’t  be there anymore. Now , he is in the position in a societal hierarchy from where does n’t deserve anyway getting rations or help in any kind or extent  from the Govt. The middle aged person-whether was service or business–now  would  be in  dark regarding what new skill to be acquired  to find out  alternative for survival.

Whatever might be the situation, we should be optimistic. We should remember that till now we don’t have vaccine for  Dengue . Still we are going on , accepted the fact. What if there would n’t be any vaccine in near future for COVID in spite  of best trying by the experts ? We should start thinking  about how  would we survive living with this virus.  One thing we came to learn really during this pandemic is-  emphasizing on our health &  hygiene. May be the good practice will persists in the society. may be there will be the tendency to practice good psychological factor-“EMPATHY”. Empathy to understand each others situation,helping each other exist in societal frame.

As per  “WHO” COVID might return even  later.  we should be conscious for increasing our immune system through Exercise/yoga/meditation/ maintaining of disciplinary life/following +ve & healthy life style——– You know it better because either you knew it   or through the past few months you have come to know .

Set up your mind with positive thoughts… get ready for internalising  this COVID 19 in our daily life……  because in forthcoming days we are going to live with COVID19.

Pray to GOD so that I might be wrong and  I shall be happy…..




Need to grow up…….


We  all use to go through ageing  process what starts from our childhood.

Our personality structure are based on three pillars —- Id,Ego and Super ego. The way we talk, behave actually depends upon the interaction of the above factors. As we know, Id is operated by pleasure seeking principle, Ego is reality based and Super ego is based on morality principle. We see different types of people surrounding us due to those factors.

  I am n’t going to describe all the things  today as I want to write about those people  who are selfish/self centered by nature. They prefer to start with interrogative sign– i.e why?? often… Not to mention, there are some bloggers who use to raise question– why other invited him/her to publish articles on his /her blog or many many questions that starts with word— “why”?

Those person perhaps don’t know that successful  persons in the world always have the attitude in helping others to grow together. Unsuccessful  one on the contrary have tendency to raise issue,finding fault & raising fingers at others. Those people initially might progress towards success to some extent but never  be successful because they forget that ” success is a relative term”

I want to ask  question– why  have you people  come in the social media? Why have you forgotten that you are living in a society where you alone wouldn’t be able to do anything?

Remember, any form of image that you have of others or about yourself- prevents the beauty of relationship.

I want to ask you –what have you learnt from this pandemic situation? You have seen that developed countries with all modern health facilities became failure against this deadly disease. Power,money –nothing could prevent. The person with all name & fame  and the common people — all have become same under the situation.

Dear friends — do you know the wealthiest place  in this world?   Yes! rightly guessed—“GRAVEYARD” where we all  have to go one day & which is unavoidable.

This COVID 19  had taught us many lessons. We learnt how together by maintaining social distancing we can save our self and the whole world. We have learnt social distancing does n’t mean to be suspicious & stop helping each other. We have learnt to practice positive affirmation, having patience and to lead disciplinary life.

You know the whole world had never seen before — praying for each other, praying for the long life of the people who for the sake of our safety are at their duty.

   Your negative attitude reflect one thing–i.e

                               YOU NEED TO GROW UP………………………………