Recovering from mental illness….

Mental illness is a condition which causes disorder in thinking,feeling,behavior;interacting of a person.

There are many kind of mental illness. Some signs of mental illness are…..

  1. Social withdrawl.
  2. Social isolation.
  3. Sweeping of mood.
  4. Lack of consciousness regarding self care/self image.
  5. Existence of pessimism.
  6. Unrealistic fear,anxiety.
  7. Having depression/sadness.
  8. Confused in thought process. It is better to identify at the early stage and recognizing the problem and seeking help form professional. Only medication is not going to solve the problem. With medication other activities like yoga,aerobic exercise will definitely be helpful. Therapists are using also “Dance therapy ” to help the person recovering from his problem. Dance therapy actually is a healing approach involving dance &body movement to improve physical,mental and emotional wellbeing of a person. We all know that stress,anxiety are serious causative factors to make the problem aggravated. It(dance therapy)helps in reducing stress,increase our self esteem/self confidence and it also enhances mobility of our muscle working. Research had shown the impact of this kind of therapy in reducing depression/stress,low appetite and eating disorders. Dance therapy was started by therapists like–Tina keller,Jenny in 1940 though professionally it was started in 1950 in America. Through this therapy,one would be gradually able to express his emotional state’s and the person becomes able to integrate his mental,physical and emotional aspects. Besides,person through dance movement in a group be able in making a social bond with group members which act as a catalyst in feeling connected with community or broader society as a high self esteemed societal member. It also helps to regulate one’s sweeping mode through dynamism and adjusting with real situation. As we know any type of physical activity releases neurotransmitters and endorphins which are helpful in reducing stress. While working in rehabilitation set up,I have seen the good impact of this therapy on mentally ill and dragg addicted person. But,whatever might be the medication/treatment process,whatever might be the chosing and applying of therapy process, most important factor in helping one to come out from his/her problem is—-extending helping hands, treating them with empathy, encouraging them to be confident and self independent to help themselves in connecting appropriate resources,to be optimistic in the process of recovering and encourage them to boost their willpower by practicing positive affirmation——— Yes!I can…. But here we as a responsible societal members/neighbours/friends should also try to practice positive affirmation—-Yes! We can and we would extend our helping hands towards them…… towards the wellbeing of those affected person…….. because only selfless we can help them to be a normal societal being…… together we can form a society consists of societal members—where all will be well……… in terms of physical,mental,emotional and social aspects………

Empowering self—-

“Rising up against odd”

Hello. I am a new blogger and started this blog in order to exchange of ideas/informations by which we would be able to go on in our life.

Context of the above mentioned topic based on some phases in my life through which I came to learn –“Empowering self” & fighting against odd & inspired me to write in this blog.

We all know that human being is a social animal. We as a human being can’t stay alone and we formed community——broader society to live as societal members.

In our life,during the bad phases,we often interact with so many people. Some of them might criticize you in a negative way, laugh at you,make a fun of you thinking as they are superior. These people might be your friend,relatives,colleagues, neighbours etc.

You will hardly find real well wishers who would not only criticize you but also inspire you,encourage you to forget past and to start afresh.

In this situation, below mentioned ways might be beneficial for all of us though those are not ultimate and only ways.

1.cut of your relation with those people only criticizing you in a negative way. They might demoralise you, often make you frustrated. You would start feeling that you are just finished.

2.. Link/Start interact with people who not only criticize you but also encourage you by telling that–Its o.k and its universal. It might happened to anyone and also inspire you to be connected with resources to come out your problem.

3…Listen to people but decision will be absolutely–“yours”.

4… Find out causative factors behind your past action/failure.

You know better about your strengths and weaknesses. Have your SWOT analysis for the sake of yourself.

5… Think for alternatives. We can’t let our life to be stagnant at certain point in our life. We must go on.

6…. Study,read newspapers,watch video’s reflecting success story. There are many case studies that would let you know that one can be successful at any point of life.

7….Do exercise,practice yoga or at least walk to make you physically and mentally strong. Remember unhealthy person never be successful.

8…. Question yourself? What do you like to do? What type of work actually inspire you?

Discover your passion and try to explore your inner potentialities.

9… Do plan and start involving yourself with action/activities.

10…. Have patience. Don’t involve yourself into the rat race of making yourself successful. Success does n’t come over night. We all know that the owner of famous—“KFC” became successful in his later 60.

11…. Be optimistic. Never be pessimistic. This world is not for the pessimistic people who die many times before their actual death.

12….. practice positive affirmation like—-Yes! I CAN. This would make you confident.

13…..Emphasize on your present. Don’t end up thinking much more for unseen future. Alright present situation will take you to your o.k future.

As per great philosopher and guide”Del carnegi” ———- plan and live for today. This today will bring you amazing tomorrow.

14….Accept the sutuation and take challenge. Face the problem. Never have scapegoating tendency…..Its your life. Love it. Who don’t love himself/herself can’t love others.

Start your new dawn through murmuring———

“Time seems to drag by……

Life comes to a standstill.. ..

—– When I think of —-

“My future, my tomorrows, my today’s—–


“empowering self”——-

“Empower yourself; Get out of bad phases”