Why there should be road-mapping for implementation of Mosquirix(anti malaria) vaccine.

Last Wednesday was a historical moment when WHO approves RTS,(s) vaccine with its brand name- –Mosquirix as Anti Malaria Vaccine to administer against the deadliest malaria pathogen.

  The study had been conducted over 5 years(2009—2014) in sub-Saharan Africa & in other regions. among the children (5  to 17)months & after 4 doses it was found that vaccine(RTS,S) could prevent 39%cases of malaria & 29% in case of severe malaria.

Pilot phases had been initiated in Ghana, Kenia & Malawi where such activities were conducted among more than  800,000 nos of children & % of protection had been jumped to 90% .  From its result, WHO had taken the decision for its approval.

This vaccine which is the successful impact of the last 30 years of research had been manufactured with the  British official partner-GlaxoSmithKline & indeed is the first vaccine for any parasitic disease.

In India, there is a total of 2% of total morbidity due to this deadliest Malaria disease. As per a study of WMR(World malaria report), there is a drastic reduction(92% malaria reduction in 2019) in malaria cases in India in comparison with 229 million cases  & 409,000 deaths worldwide.

But during this pandemic, we can’t have a casual attitude regarding any deadliest pathogen. What made us astonished is –there exists no awareness & no campaigning regarding this great achievement. 

What is need of the hour is a step to be taken by the responsible Govt(from state to local) in preparation of road mapping well in advance & to ensure that children of India can administer this vaccine in forthcoming days.

 While preparing of roadmap certain unavoidable factors would be in need to emphasize—

  • In India health is not a constitutional right yet.
  • GDP for healthcare needs to be increased. Over the years it centers around 1.26% . As per National health policy, this should be 2.5% by the FY-(2024–2025) but from the present situation, it seems to be daydreaming.
  • Political interest & polarization factors associated with it need to be carefully considered & shouldn’t be a barrier for people in accessing healthcare facilities..
  • India is blessed with brilliant workforce which should be utilized properly right from selection, capacity building to rendering of services.
  • Red tapism should be avoided.

Over 63 million Indians face hardship due to health costs every year. In road mapping, this fact should be taken into consideration. Hope soon there will be awareness regarding this vaccine-Mosquirix & children around the world including developing country India as well as many underdeveloped countries will have access to this vaccine. 

Very soon our world will be a malaria-free global village…

Actual reasons for urgent need of patient care center/prescription center in Govt hospitals..

There is a long queue.  A relative of a patient however reaches the medicine counter but couldn’t understand properly about the administration of medicine as prescribed by the doctor. On request at the counter, she had been told to visit the doctor who prescribed it. But it isn’t possible because it would be a time-consuming matter.

     I have just been shocked to see the horrible condition of persons on a national TV that happened in a renowned hospital in west Bengal. It is not that there is no patient counselling centre in the hospital. But the number of such hospitals is very less. The lack of patient counselling centres in maximum hospitals indicates the urgent need for its establishment attached to the hospitals.

 You might have heard about it. Patient counselling is providing information, assistance & guidance about the administration of medicine. It might be orally or in the written form. 

  Now, reasons are many for which such a set-up should be there in a developing country like ours.

  • Low % of literacy rate.
  • Lack of patient’s compliance due to low % of literacy & inadequate knowledge about drug administration.
  • To help the patient or representative of the patient getting information about recovering from illness 
  • To provide information about a lifestyle that becomes a causative factor for many diseases.
  • To provide guide & to make patients/representatives understand the importance of getting diagnostic tests done as per doctor’s advice.
  • To ensure that patient is taking medicines properly.
  •  To provide mental strength to the patient which is required in recovering from illness. 
  • To remove misconceptions regarding adverse drug reactions among patients.

While working on an ICMR project(INDIAB-phase-ii, diabetes study) I have seen in many places people are not following medication as per prescriptions For eg– not fulfilling the total course of antibiotics, having a negative perception of the health administration system resulting in non follow up, excessive dependency on quake or even in the worst form as sorcery.

  Lack of patient counselling centre in Govt set up is attracting private players to set up & providing such facility which is beyond of the access of common people. 

It is a fact that all pharmacist counsels patients on drug administration free of cost.  But lack of law related to this reflected in inadequate infrastructure, lack of skill for adopting the latest technology, lack of willingness in attending patient counselling properly -have created a barrier to having a good health system.

  In this respect, the OBRA Act’90of the US needs to mention. As per this act-pharmacists have the responsibility in patient care counselling like making the patient understand well about-name & description of medicine, its side effect, proper storage & doses etc.

    In our country, we also need of law which will ensure of providing such service from the Govt end. 

 If you perceive needs from the patient’s perspectives-following points should be emphasized as a patient/representative wants–

  1. Empathy to understand his or her situation.
  2. Coordination in understanding medication process & accessing integration in the total health care system —
  3. Support (mental, emotional)that will make their willpower stronger in recovering.
  4. Their needs to be heard & to repeat oral communication in case they don’t understand properly.
  5. Respect as a human being irrespective of class, caste, creed in accessing services.

Industrialization & Urbanization had worked as push factors for migration &  population growth in the city. Comparatively growth of Govt. hospitals/health care system is less to provide a basic health care service to the beneficiaries. People from adjacent villages have to attend the city hospital for some cases as a referral which can be avoided with some infrastructural development & deployment of manpower.
  We all know that in order to improve health care services at the village level, NRHM was implemented in 2005 with the aim of providing universal access to integrated health care services to the villagers.   Though it’s being helpful to the rural population still as stated above, lack of infrastructure, machinery & manpower are acting as barriers for the people to access health care as per their needs. Above all due to materialistic attitude & fear from depriving of all city facilities, health professionals are not ready to be posted & visit in interior areas of the village. 
 You also will agree that implementation of rules like OBRA Act’90 of US & its strictly monitoring should be the ist step & every Govt hospital(like Beliaghata ID hospital– West Bengal) should have patient care/Prescription centre.   With this, the following steps can be considered in order to obtain a good, skilled community pharmacist.

  • Implementing & regular updating of patient care counselling aspects in pharmacy course.
  • Emphasize developing communication systems.
  • The technique of counselling like countertransference, training on desensitization process to know about overcoming from anxiety, principles like acceptance, Non-judgemental attitude etc can be helpful.

Perhaps you have noticed that the private players in health care have a networking system right from physician to Pharmacy center. Here Prescription reflecting branded medicines center around a total business policy & profit making involving those physician & Medical representatives of the pharma company. A needy, poor, person from an underprivileged society can’t afford those branded medication costs & thus face difficulties in the completion of medication. Generic medicines would no doubt be helpful– not only as cost-effective but also from its qualitative perspective.  But there is a myth that generic medicines are cheap & hence these are inferior to branded medicines. Generic medicines prescribed by the physician & their accessibility in pharmacy attached to the hospital &  simultaneously making beneficiaries understand the importance of generic medicines by the prescription center/patient care counselling center is need of the hour. 
It can’t be denied that schemes like –“Jan Aushadhi“Sasta Sundar” actually providing relief to the people by providing generic medicines. During this pandemic when people are are really anxious about the meeting of health expenditure within a low-cost budget, the use of generic medicines is really helpful. But mass awareness is required  & that is possible by the opening of more & more patient care center/prescription center.
You might add here that implementation of the related act will only be the solution but the fact can’t be avoided is that rules are made for human beings & made by human beings.  If the nature & attitude of human beings are guided by empathy, gratitude then we can also have a new dawn where even people from underprivileged societies will not have to be in the long queue in front of hospitals with anxiety just to understand & to continue medication.
You also know that where there is a will there is a way….. We have to be determined first..

International peace day celebration on 21st september’2021(Rational & ways).

Only a few days are left to celebrate the international peace day’21. Roam around the world –from corporate to small start-up, from individual to the community or greater society, believe me, you will find the most wanted requirements of the hour— “Peace” and more emphasis on celebrating world peace day.

   UN General assembly declared every 3rd Tuesday of September to celebrate the international peace day which later on changed as 21st September from the year 2001. It is a day to observe as 24 hours-non -violence & ceasefire day. It is the day when the peace bell in Japan is rung to send the message or theme of the year globally in support of maintaining peace.

  In this respect, it is needless to mention that every year there used to be a dedicated theme to celebrate international peace day. For eg:- theme was  in 

  1.  2018– “Right to peace”
  2. 2019–    “Climate action for peace”
  3. 2020—“Shaping peace together”.                                                                                                                           And this year 

The theme of 2021 reflects necessary action to be taken in order to create a world that is not just & equitable & but also sustainable.  obviously, that effort requires shaping peace together to ensure the right to peace for everyone with emphasizing non-stop action on climate change to make our life possible to survive & the world sustainable.

 From last year our fight against the pandemic proved the requirement of being together & to believe in physical distances, not mental distances. Covid19 taught us to believe in cause & effect relationships & that science is over religion as saviour.  Sorcery, orthodox attitude still persists in the societal frame which is dangerous against humanism. Thus there exist rationals to the importance to concentrate on the international peace day celebration. The following discussion would make it more clear.

We have seen the interest of some powers around the world in expansionism, creating a debt trap culture, joining hands with demons for the self evil interest in the geopolitical aspect that also reflect the aim of expansionism.

  Don’t forget the forthcoming “11th October” as(International Girls day) where through celebration we recognise the voice & rights of girls.

  Over the past few months, we witnessed the capturing of Afghanistan by the moderate Taliban 2.0. This moderate T-2.0 is conducting horror shows by arresting & beating journalists, covering the protest of Afghan women. This moderate T-2.0 didn’t show yet the urge to form an inclusive Govt by the inclusion of women in the ministry.

 Around 1 m children in Afghanistan are facing severe malnutrition(UNICEF)

UN warns that 97% population of Afghanistan will be below the poverty line. Apart from Afghanistan lets roam around the world to understand the lack of peace & inhumanity in our so-called civilized society.

  In India, recently brutal rape of a woman in Mumbai still makes us remember the attitude of male dominating society to consider woman as an object for satisfying of their lust. 

 In a most developed country like USA-today’s biggest problem is -affordability in healthcare(Src–pewresearch.org)followed by racism & gun violence.

 Still, vaccines against COVID19 are not accessible to many people who belong to underdeveloped & developing countries.

  Still 1 out of 9 people don’t have access to clean & potable water across the world. Again due to the factors– poverty, war, gender discrimination- 130milion girls are out of the schooling system globally(Src-malala.org). Over the world there persists-political conflict & war, terrorism, lack of Govt accountability & willingness, Political blame game factor, unemployment etc. These & other related issues are creating instability among the societal members & thus making the peace of the world -fragile.

  We have perhaps forgotten what is said–there is nothing impossible if we wish to make it happened. “peace ” is possible if causative factors responsible for violence, instability can be removed.  Peace is possible if we change our greedy/self-centred attitude & learn to survive together by solving each others problems. 

peace is possible when we would understand the importance of it for the sake of our survival & make society equitable & sustainable.

 It is possible still to establish “peace” across the world by celebrating the international peace of day in the following ways(some among many) &  to take oath for joining hands to save mankind.

  •  Dove is the symbol of peace. Through drawing, one can render messages related to peace to the people across the globe.
  • Planting trees.
  • Arranging peace education events in the community, school(online /offline maintaining covid protocol).
  • Donating (as per ability) to Non-profit organizations that works for the underprivileged sections of society or helping directly.
  • By spreading the peace- message on social media 
  • Connecting people online & to plan for helping people to help themselves.
  • Rendering volunteering services to educate children about international peace day through NGO’s or service to the aged.
  • Through minute of silence at noon & encouraging peers to be engaged.
  • Be empathetic towards others & show gratitude.
  • Practice meditation to control self & remain calm & help others to learn how to remain peaceful.
  • Learn to control your reaction to stimuliDALAI LAMA had rightly said–“Don’t let the behaviours of others destroy your inner peace” 

“Peace can’t be achieved by force. It can only be achieved by understanding”–Albert Einstein. Of course, that is true. Perhaps, for this reason, the UN had called for a high-level donor meeting for $600M  for humanitarian aids purposes in Afghanistan.

    I have forgotten to mention one main aspect of peace–a smile which we perhaps are missing in today’s life.  Smile has tremendous power & it can bring everything & that’s why Mother Teresa mentioned –“Peace begins with a smile”
  Throughout the last few months/year-we have lost so many things– Lives, Jobs, the crisis in health & above all– lost our  “peace“. We have to regain it. Alone it isn’t possible for one nation/country to bring it back whatever superpower it might have. Today world is known as a global village & coordination is required where a person from a hilly state of a country will extend his helping hands towards another person/community of a coastal area of other countries having problems.
  We must do this for the sake of our survival, for the sake of “RECOVERING BETTER FOR AN EQUITABLE AND SUSTAINABLE WORLD”
     Impossible is the word found in a foolish dictionary and certainly, we are not in that category. We as human beings will try & let’s start this by celebrating forthcoming  international peace day with the theme of this year–“RECOVERING BETTER FOR AN EQUITABLE AND SUSTAINABLE WORLD”

 I must mention the great inspiring quote of Swami Vivekananda-“Harmony and peace!— Lets things slowly grow. Rome was not built in a day”.

—- 7 top unavoidable factors to consider while re-opening of school.

For the last 17 months school had been closed and there is uncertainty in its reopening

Research on violations against children during the pandemic“-a total guidance of UNICEF for fact-finding had no doubt reflect the very fact of abuse, violence & harmful practice of children. Child labour had increased in insignificant proportion due to the closure of schools.

       Here our concern obviously is much more for the children who belong to the underprivileged category. Closure of school had an impact on their nutrition, physical & mental health, child safety as well. This no doubt will indicate the requirement of school reopening. But some interlinked factors should also be emphasized with school reopening consideration. 

       Recently,  I have attended a webinar with Ngo representatives, eminent parliamentarians, Educators etc on the school reopening issue. It was really a good step by the organizer for arranging such a beautiful discussion on the urge of school reopening. But throughout the discussion somewhere I felt some missing factors that are interlinked with children, their increasing dropping rate during covid & these should be given priority while school reopening. 

           Blogging is the place where we all bloggers share our curiosity, knowledge. We discuss these for the sake of developing self & for the welfare/ adding value in our society. The following factors might have been mentioned by someone, somewhere but it’s highlighting in this article seemed to me as important & inevitable.

  1. Income instability:- Income instability of the family had made the situation worst & the middleman is trapping children of such families for child labour practice. So, political willingness should be there not only to address the issue but for comprehensive solutions like linking family with existing SHG (self-help group) in areas, governmental schemes etc.                                                                                    Hunger is such a factor that makes human beings bound to make a decision that is not desirable for civic society. For such reality, people had been seen to be engaged in child trafficking, child labour, selling of children. I am not saying that there is not any step taken so far to face this challenge but somewhere political colour, competition of establishing as the saviour in mass media, red-tapism polarization factor –all these had been established as the priority rather than relieving target beneficiaries actually
  2. To extend Non-institutional services (adoption, sponsorship, foster family) to the target population. This service is there only on paper & may be available to some portion. Now in the pandemic, it should be extended to cover more children.
  3. Converting best effort for the service provider to the obligation that will relate to their career prospect also. In India-                                                                                                                     only 5.25% of school provision is as per RT(Right of children for free & compulsory education act) norms & only25.5% of schools are fully compliant. A large number of schools are still to be covered by RT norms for accommodating children belongs to the underprivileged section in rural areas, tribal areas & slums. 
  4. Establishing limit setting factors for control of Private players in school education—-  You might have seen the presence of online education & we are happy that our children are continuing their education anyhow in the pandemic. But with that, you have also observed that maximum had been covered by branded schooling system where only children from an affluent family with all facilities of having a laptop & desktop can access the privilege.                                                                 You might say this is known to all. Yes, all we know but I liked the talk show (that I had watched on national TV) with a chief minister(of a state which I don’t want to mention) who insisted that he would upgrade the level of Govt schools as per the branded private one so that even a child of daily labour would be able to compete for all the way as per the child of affluent families studying in so-called branded private school.                                                                                       In a developing country like us, it is not possible for the majority of families to send children to well-established schools. Thus from childhood, there starts face value based discrimination between good, bad factors in quality.                                                                                                                             A large number of students of remote areas can’t access online education facilities. Only up-gradation of school infrastructure, facilities will be helpful in removing the polarization factor.
  5. School to work as a facilitator in IGP(income generation programme)— School system is comprised of two main stakeholders– School administration/teachers and parents as partners. It would be beneficial if the step is taken to facilitate the establishing & providing knowledge about SHG formation to market linkage. Believe me, school is the place where you can track those families not only undergoing financial hardship but also covering its challenge. Financial stability (to whatever extent) will bring children back to school.
  6. Emphasizing much more on behaviour change education:–                                                                      Only providing facilities to the underprivileged society can’t be a way to relieve them from their sufferings & to stop school drop out /child labour.  I have been working in the developmental sector for 18 years. Yet what I felt –  the need for their behaviour change & some practice as some of the important causative factors for the vicious poverty cycle & sufferings.                                                      To them, still more children mean more income & they try to engage their children for earning. Thus emphasizing an immediate solution for earning at the cost of school dropout &engaging as child labour is the dangerous existing practice that reflects the need for behavioural change. This is the place where we should have more patience in continuous advocacy & campaign. The non-profit organization has to play here a great role in mobilizing people for adopting appropriate behaviour practices.
  7.  Covering Children (especially 12 years onwards) & their families with vaccination & initiation of proper monitoring related to that.  

It is fact that we have to go a far way for schools to have more infrastructure for inclusive & outcome-based education. But we shouldn’t neglect children already in schools & this should be reopened. We don’t know whether 3rd wave will be the last one or we have to face any more waves. In our society, we don’t have the vaccine for disease for eg–TB but we have treatment & that’s why we become fearless over this disease.  Scientists had developed vaccines for COVID 19 & are working to develop more to prevent its variants.

   We should learn to live with COVID 19 by emphasizing on covid appropriate behaviour. Our children should not suffer more. It is rightly said that if you want to feed a child for one day you can provide foodstuff but if you want to feed him/her throughout their life then ensure their education. They themselves will be able to look after & become self-independent. 

            Reopening schools no doubt will be beneficial to children but the following measures should be taken while reopening–

  • Schools should develop a special SOP(Standard Operation Procedure) related to the present situation & how schools can be run with safety for the students.
  • There must be facilities like a tie-up with the hospital & an immediate call on the doctor.
  • Persisting of alternate days on the class attending system.
  • Persisting both online & offline initially if possible for the sake of children’s safety.
  • Sensitization of children & parents on covid appropriate behaviour.
  • Regular sanitization of classroom & school bus.
  • Assuring children & parents have been vaccinated.
  • Educating children to aware & not to develop fear regarding this pandemic.
  • Parents & other visitors shouldn’t be allowed to enter into school premises.   
  • Facilities like frequent handwashing with soap or using hand sanitizer, placing with safety while taking meals, regular cleaning of used surface etc are must & pre-conditions for re-opening.                                                         

School reopening is not only necessary for children’s education. For the last few months, they are suffering from physical & mental health issues too. They are deprived of social learning, missing their friends, playing together with peers. 
Of course, children’s life & safety is an important matter. But when vaccines are available(for adults & soon it will be for the children as well) & there is uncertainty in the number of waves even after 3rd one, it is better to face it with all available precautions, awareness, following covid appropriate behaviour and simultaneously running of schooling system at the earliest. 
NGO has a crucial part to play here. It can adapt strategies for mass awareness, advocacy & campaign to create a pressure group for several interlinked reasons— Access of vaccine for all, food & work for the target beneficiaries & above all-reopening of school as soon as possible. Let us work together to help children getting their amazing childhood to the extent- possible…..

Why there is requirement of Joint-international force for maintaining peace???.

I am not an expert in writing about geopolitics or related topics. But somewhere in a mind of a hybrid blogger, it emerges to write about the situation in Afghanistan & thereafter to analyze- why it is required for forming an international force to maintain peace all over the world.
  This writing is not in favour or against any community, religion and country. It’s an honest try to jot down some aspects that are inevitable for discussing the aforesaid matter-” Why there is a requirement of joint international force for maintaining peace”?

   Recently all of us are aware of taking Afghanistan by Taliban 2.0. They were in power from 1996 to 2001. All we know is the barbarism associated with their actions in earlier Afghanistan as Taliban 1.0. 

   Recent Taliban2.0 claiming of being moderate & presenting themselves on social media reflecting their willingness to keep a good relation with neighbours & other countries. Taliban spokesperson-Zabiullah expressed the interest of Taliban 2.0 in maintaining peaceful relations with other countries & he also requested the minorities to return to their homeland(Afghanistan).

   But some question arises when we see the recent brutal execution of  Afghan Police chief, the disappearance of artists & their killings. 

The question arises when an Afghan TV host had been seen reading news in front of two gunmen standing behind him & allowing to continue the journalist to carry on his profession.

    During the past few days, some questions were knocking about the decision-making process of the US regarding the meeting of Taliban at Doha some years ago without involving the then Afghan Govt & thus legitimating the agenda of a terror group. They didn’t feel any necessity in consulting or making an initiation for a talk session of two parties–the Afghan Govt and Taliban 2.0.  Now questions arise–

1) Why didn’t they involve the then  Afghan Govt in the talk session in Doha?
2) When the decision had been taken to leave then why there was not an exact evacuation plan long before the recent period & when there were US soldiers in Afghanistan? Needless to say, the public who served under the US had been hunting out by the moderate Taliban 2.0.
  The impact had already been started before leaving of US soldiers. Now moderate Taliban distances from the recent rocket attack(5) at Kabul airport just after a rocket attack being foiled by an anti-missile system.  

  This rocket launcher platform(KATYSHA) was manufactured by Russia & a question here also is coming about their access to this kind of deadly weapon.
 Taliban hadn’t been recognized across the world except by some countries. Russia is of the opinion that other countries shouldn’t impose their ideas on Afghanistan. Well. if this is right then how the problem of Afghanistan would be solved where “Shariat law'” will be enforced, not the democratic rule or other ideology that will ensure human rights?
  Will the countries (that are in favour of recognizing T-2.0), take responsibility if women are tortured or be punished to choose the profession as per their wishes? 
  Top al-Qaeda commander-Amin Ul Haque returns to Afghanistan after the takeover by Taliban2.0. Haqqani network is at the security system of Kabul. 

  The question arises when moderate Taliban-2.0 is loitering everywhere with their soldiers & checking everyone, every car coming to the Kabul international airport then how could ISIS-K come for the suicide bomb attack without even noticing by them? or when there was intelligence report to them (which was later sent to the US, UK by T-2.0) of such future possible attack?
Why did this question is not arising around the world especially from those interested in recognizing T-2.0 that after takeover if they couldn’t protect their public from terror attacks then what will be the protection system?

 Top Taliban leader “Stanikzal” in one TV channel expressed the interest of not only maintaining cultural, academic & peaceful relations with other countries of the world but also that they will never allow Afghanistan to the “Terror Haven”.
     The situation though reflects so many terror groups are roaming around  Afghanistan freely & operating which was never happened before.  Radical terror groups-ISIS-K, Haqqani network,al-Qaeda to mention a few become active reflects the very fact of stakeholders of T-2.0 is uncontrollable.
  Now based on all the above factors question arises–

  1. Will recognizing Taliban-2.0 be an inspiration towards recognizing other terror groups around the world?
  2. What will be the future of evacuees arriving at the different destinations? 
  3. How human rights of the so-called-“Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan” be maintained?
  4. Is there any guarantee that stakeholders of “Taliban-2.0” will not be used by another country for the sake of their own interest? Pakistan who had supported & helped Taliban2.0 in the capture of Afghanistan has its long plan of using this Terror network against occupying Kashmir in India. Who will take responsibility for the disturbances that will be in border areas ?? Remember the whole world might have a bad impact in near future.

UN Secretary-General- “Antonio Guterres,” said in a UN statement that Girls & women hard own rights must be protected.

Jo Biden doesn’t want his US soldiers to be in the middle of another country’s civil war or interest.

UK prime minister -Boris Johnson doesn’t want bilaterally recognizing Taliban.

Austria’s foreign minister Alexander Schallenberg is concerned about the instability of this region as it would have a bad impact on Europe later on.

Other countries are going on Wait & watch where the epicenter of all terror activities -Pakistan also following go slow rule lest their shaky reputation in the world might be shakier for their hard engineering work that led Taliban-2.0 back to Kabul.

   US had called a meeting on the Afghanistan issue where countries like Canada, Italy, France, Germany & NATO will chair the meeting.

  Forget about UN Security Council to take any step where a country like China is one of the permanent members. We all know what this country is doing for the expansion of its regime & power.

It is right that only the US should not be the savior of Afghanistan. To take initiative, it is high time for the world to be united & form an international force that will work on a joint venture system  to eradicate terrorism from the world, to protect hard-won rights of women, to provide the piece & to establish the matter that-“Humanism is above all”

  Really there is a need to establish a world joint international force to take over devastated, anxious, biased society towards a peaceful global village.

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13 best ways to protect your mental health in a toxic culture…

Mental health refers to the way -how we feel, think, behave. In Quora, this question was asked by someone & actually, this reflects the need to be discussed & finding a way as many of us might be facing the situation.  Further, this situation might be untold & remain in our subconscious mind, which only negatively impacts our lives.

Before levelling the organisation’s work culture as “toxic”, you have to evaluate whether that existing culture affects everyone or the major portion of employees? If the answer is not, definitely you might have to look for sharpening your skills related to your responsibilities.

Now you might ask why the word toxic had been mentioned. Well, Consider a situation in your workplace where achievement matters and not your well being. Do you feel less energetic in going to your workplace the next day? Did you ever feel unattended/neglected/intentionally targeted? If it is yes then you are working in a toxic work culture environment.

However, even if you are working in such a situation, the following steps might work for you

1. Think carefully about what target you have to achieve this month. . Instead of thinking several times or all the time, it is better for spending specific time to go through & have a clear idea.

2. Now that you know about your responsibilities to be shouldered, prepare a schedule or operational plan reflecting activities/subactivities to be achieved day-wise/weekly. ( Scheduling as per organizational objectives).

3. Consult with your seniors, immediate boss/ manager or any employees whom you consider trustworthy if you find difficulties in making this operational plan.

4.Once you have made this operational plan,  you have to lock your mental process regarding unseen future fear related to your tasks. You instead should concentrate on the process rather than thinking over on end- impact because that the perfectionist actually do & welcome stress factors to be internalised with their life.

5.Do monitor your progress over your working process & reschedule or change or add in your schedule if you think necessary.

6. Do not indulge in office politics/gossip that will provide you negative energy & a negative self-image.

7.In between your work, you can go for breathing (inhale & exhale)exercise filled by time out & a small break.

8.Do not miss out on any workshop/training provided by your organization for upgrading your skills.

9. Practicing switch off & on of your mind. Try to practice switch off your mind if you feel disturbed & channelise your thought process into some positive & happy memories.

 This will make you feel energetic & optimistic.

10. Raising your voice & have clear communication with your boss. You can request a leave for rejuvenation of your energy level & feeling positive. 

11. Have your communication process stronger with your family members, trusted friends/peers. Express your concern with them & you will feel relaxed. Your friends, family members may not be a part of your work but they provide a strong basis for optimism & happiness.

12. If you see it still difficult to maintain your mental health within the so-called toxic environment of the organization then be a job hopper. But first do find alternatives.

13. In the case of “mobbing”(psychological harassment where a group of persons target a third person), do report it to your upper hand & in case of failure of your upper hand, knocking to the next hierarchy is advisable.

  The organization seems to be toxic for several reasons like–

a) Absence of clear cut HR policy

b)  Not Monitoring of HR policy properly.

c) Absence of support or not up to that extent which can make an employee feel guided, relaxed & happy.

d) persistence of polarisation/bias where employees will certainly feel frustrated &  develop low self-esteem/insecurity.

e) Absence of two-way communication process. Employees are given only instructions & their voices are not heard regarding fixing of the target or any decision-making process related to their work.

Last but not least don’t neglect your mental health. In one of my earlier blogs, I have mentioned not to follow the path of positive consistency in a toxic situation.

World mental health survey reveals in their report that mental health problem exists in all participating countries. WHO developed a ‘Mental Health Action Plan(2013–2030)’ which reflect the importance of mental health in achieving health for all people.

An organization should develop its policy & emphasize improving HR policy which is free from polarization, individualistic culture. Highlighting mental health is becoming a fashionable culture in some organizations where there doesn’t exist any real commitment. 

Employees of the organization can be assets if their voices are heard & if steps are taken for facilitating the workplace as mental health-friendly. But for that lots of aspects should be there like come out from egoism of being a founder/senior officials, initiation for two way communication, absence of bias factor, presence of appreciation/reward  & above all persistence of both intrinsic & extrinsic motivation system.

This is a very tough time when cooperation, coordination, dedication, & trustworthiness are some of requirements to be fulfilled by both– Seniors/founders of organization & other employees for sustainable growth for individual as well as for the organization.

When “Climate change” works as push factor for disaster preparedness….


The temperature recorded on 10.08.2021 is 48.8 degrees celsius in Sicily(Itali). For the last few weeks, countries (south & south-east part of Europe)- like Greece, Turaska, Algeria are facing an extreme forest fire. Already 65 nos of deaths had been reported in Algeria.

   According to meteorologists, temperature rise might be up to 50 degrees celsius in near future.

   (Src-Local newspaper ABP, wb, India.)

 Average long term changes in temperature are going to affect the entire world. British meteorologists had guessed of rising of temperature above 50°C in Europe & same is going to happen in other parts of the world.

     All those mentioned above reflected the burning issue of “Climate change”.  In a recent climate change report of IPCC, it had been mentioned that in the forthcoming next 20 years-average temperature of the earth will cross 1.5°C(by 2040) & which will result in 

1.Increase in extreme heat.

2.Loss of glacier storage in Asian High Mountains.

3.Increase of summer monsoon downpour with variability over southeast Asia.

4.Presence heat waves & increase of humid heat stress over south-east Asia.

5. Increase in sea level up to  (1.1 m).

IPCC strongly suggested ‘Net Zero emissions” by 2050 through making a balance between greenhouse production & emission.

  Climate change will act as a push factor for disaster preparedness & very soon it is going to be an integral factor as must be done in our life.

   Dear friends, natural disasters use to happen on the earth & we fight have seen earlier also but the disasters that we are witnessing due to man-made climate change -had become a crucial factor. This made us bound to think over disaster preparedness to take seriously & in advance because-

a) Global warming, temperature change & energy imbalance in the earth have an impact on the life of us.

b) Flood, searing drought, wild forest fire, rising sea level would create climate change refugees in the world.

c) We would witness such disasters more frequently, every now and then & this is going to affect on life & livelihood of human beings.

      Disequilibrium of earth temperature will bring extreme monsoon somewhere, while other parts of the earth might be facing extreme heat, drought & forest fire.

    Our preparedness should be according to the needs of the place. & availability of resources. 

 NGO’s can work better as they work with the grassroots & at local levels. 

   Let us try to point these out.

1. Partnering with civil society organizations for hazard studies, research & monitoring.

2.To Engage Ngo professionals in advocacy, mobilising & training of local people related to preparedness.

3. Training to the local people regarding making a team for regular discussion, suggestion & taking actions related to alert creation, the search of suitable & safety places during an emergency, food distribution, Keeping first aid ready.

4. Adolescents should also be prepared & included in the team. They can be very energetic in rendering services. Preparing children will impact as facing with less or 0 trauma while facing actual disaster.

5.Emphasize should be on regularly updating on training related to– Risk assessment, emergency management, Finding of alternate places, Having disaster prevention plan, Mass awareness & communication system(for support network).

6. One of the very important factors is Livelihood which can be affected during & after the disaster. Finding suitable alternative livelihood skills, training on those skills &  to sharpen for future purposes

7. Training can also be provided on linking across various segments, leadership development in preparedness(like making a kit ready to use for actual disaster time), responses & recovery.

8.Proper plan & responsibilities to the team members(Reunification volunteers) regarding reunification with family members especially for older persons, disabled persons. This team will help to reunite the family members who had gone missing out during an emergency situation.

9. As told earlier points- the emphasis should be on Livelihood. Here it will be on the  Livelihood Baseline Assessment Plan. It is actually gathering of information regarding no of persons, resources etc that can be affected by the disaster.

10.Formation of   Disaster Preparedness Committee(DPC), selection of members & distribution of responsibilities. Linkage establishment with local  Govt authorities.

   Scientists had been warning us  &  Several plans had been made so far & but till today there lacks human consciousness & seriousness. 

  We all know that the following factors should be considered seriously & at the earliest..

a) Gradually shifting to universal rules & binding instead of different ones (of course with a time frame) in “Paris agreement”.

b) Emphasis on carbon capture technology that would block CO2 from entering into the atmosphere. But here one has to think over social & economic costs associated with it.

c)Much more Strong initiative from Govt. side to shift towards renewable energy sources–wind power, solar system, replacing fossil fuels.

 d) Gradually shifting towards the use of electric & hybrid model(electric + gas) car.

e) More efforts towards renewable energy investment & creating job opportunities, especially in developing countries as clean energy resources becoming a great preference worldwide.

 Alone none can tackle the problem of global warming.  It is a fact that  Parameters suggested in pairs agreement in lowering temperature can’t assure safe level warming. Human consciousness, political willingness, resources available in countries play important factors in combating climate change challenges.

  But for the sake of our survival, we should change our behavioural & materialistic lifestyle modern approach.  Working on concepts like-Agriculture & soil regeneration(regenerative agriculture) would definitely be helpful for CO2 emissions & global cooling. 

I would suggest you go through –“KISS THE GROUND”(click on this) to have that excellent idea of regenerative agriculture. Nowadays organic farming is becoming popular not for the idea of earning but also to produce healthy & chemical-free foods. It helps in reducing global warming(by storing more carbon in the soil & thus less in the atmosphere) & health risks to the public.

Now global attention is going to be shifted to disaster preparedness to save our life & livelihood. If we can change our behaviour, increase consciousness, give up using materials that are non-biodegradable & keep the temperature at around 1.5°C(by 2040) then at least we would be able to lower the risk of loss of communities especially our coastal communities.

   No rules can ever be binding until & unless there is internalization of it by the mass. The future is in our hands. It is time for us to think to allow climate change to work as a push factor for disaster preparedness or to face the challenge to reduce it.

How working as a volunteer in Ngo can really reward us in our life….

Volunteering in Ngo is nothing new & the importance is growing day by day where students from colleges & institutes are being sent to Ngo for internships or to access some experiences as a part of social responsibility.

  But still, the question might arise- how working as a volunteer in Ngo can really reward us in our life….

    In search of it, we should—

Consider three cases below..

1. A few years ago one student who pursued an engineering degree from a premier institute came to me because he needed volunteering experiences in a civil society organization.

2. During her professional course in management, one student came to an organization where I was working & spent some weeks with us, helped in our work. I had to evaluate her work & this was supposed to be submitted in the institute where she was pursuing her management degree.

2. Throughout my journey in Ngo work, I have seen a person to work in a topmost management position(Director level) in a Ngo where he came once as a volunteer & later absorbed at this post. He is also an engineer from a premier institute (MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

  What did you understand???

  You have rightly guessed it. Both of the above two reflected the concept of volunteerism.

   Though in definition & concept-wise you will never find any note related to financial reward or benefit.

   Still, it(volunteering) has a lot of opportunities to provide us if we are dedicated & have passion for the concept.

  However, as per definition- volunteering means donating time & energy for the benefit of the people of society.

 We know that Ngo works for the welfare of the individual/society. It is right that It has limited resources in kind of manpower, materials to accomplish its objectives.

  Therefore, dedicated persons are called to fulfil the gap as a social responsibility & to help Ngo achieving its objectives. 

     Here  Obviously, you would point out the benefit of the organization. But those days are gone when some aspects related to self-realization of doing good things have been mentioned. 

Volunteering in an organization brings opportunities to our careers. Society needs a professional who during his service(whatever it might be) will also be aware of the community/society.

    Now through working in a Ngo, you will certainly develop the qualities listed below..& working as a volunteer in Ngo can really reward us.

1. Leadership(through accepting some responsibilities being provided to you).

2. Win over negative psychological factors by attaching with/connecting to people.

3. You will be able to pursue a real-life situation & attending maturation while handling it.

4.Ngo workers have to follow some principles like-Rapport building, the principle of acceptance, non-judgemental attitude.  You will learn the skill to interact & to build a friendly environment without any bias within yourself.  Experience of  Working in a diverse & multicultural environment can provide you with the confidence to sustain in long run in your career.

5.While rendering your volunteer services, you come in contact with many persons in the society who are in power & position. You will get an opportunity to interact & build confidence within yourself.

            I am grateful to a Non-profit organization through which I could interact with persons like Prince Andrew-Duke of york, Ian Botham( cricketer), playing the Tabla(musical instrument) with Johannes moller, a world-class classical guitarist from Sweeden- or meeting with Governor(WB, India) etc to name a few..

    It was quite impossible for a simple person like me to get an opportunity to interact with them otherwise.

6.The greatest strength & reason is flexibility & dynamism. One most important difference that exists between the corporate sector & the Non-profit sector reflects flexibility. You must be flexible enough to do each & every kind of job(of course as per your skill & requirement of organization). 

   Here(in non-profit organizations) you will find top management (earning a handsome salary) is sitting & eating beside orphan children. You might find a senior manager doing A-Z responsibilities as per requirements. Spirit of Dynamism that you learn through volunteerism will keep you aside from others throughout your career.

7. Employers use to look for candidates who had volunteering experiences. 

   82% interviews expressed their views to Deloitte that they prefer candidates with volunteering experiences(Src-fortune.com)

Some might be in their opinion that this is a waste of time where they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on their core skill & professional goal. But dear friends,  on the contrary, the recruiter’s perception is quite opposite. 

They are of the opinion that a candidate with volunteering experience shows something extra beyond his daily activities. This reflects his positive attitude, a desire to learn & to attach to the environment around him, having the energy in accepting the challenge in the job & be social to be fit in a multicultural workforce.

  If this motivates you to work as a volunteer then scroll down to look for the organizations that provide such opportunities.

   You might keep in mind that while volunteering organizations provide you with lodging & travel expenses. Some organizations provide food also.

    Check it out below.

1. UN Volunteer(in more than 160 countries)

2. Vso international.org

3. Volunteer forever.com

4. i-volunteer.

5. Volunteer match

6. Global volunteers.

7.Service civil international

8. Gooverseas.com.

9. Hospiecepeterborough.

10. United way.

11. VolunteerFdip.

12.IFRE volunteers.

13. Teach for India(Housing allowance + honorarium of $270/month for fellowship programme).

14. Future hope India.

Even you can search jobs related to how to handle volunteers & these are paid jobs.

For e.g-

1. To apply for the post of Manager, Volunteer resources, you have to apply in(fraser health careers)

2. Volunteer development Manager (the truessel trust org).

3. Volunteer coordinator(inland waterways association)

In the case of rendering volunteer service you have to choose carefully because if you are not interested & it is not your skill, you might feel frustrated.

   So, if you want to bring change in the society by your skills if you are a student & want to add your experience/ skill in your c.v for your career if you have a passion to help people to help themselves— volunteerism is for you.

        Needless to say, volunteering in a nonprofit organization definitely reward us many ways in our life..

  According to Arther Ashe-“Start where you are-

                                          Use-What you have-

                                           Do– What you can-“

10 best ways to develop Consistency and positivity in our life..


On quora, I just had gone through a question about how one can develop consistency & positivity.

we can’t deny the fact that whether we be bloggers, writers, players, engineers, unemployed–all we need are these two terms-consistency & positivity for our happy & prosperous life. If you know it all the way still I will request you to join the discussion & through your valuable participation add some points which might be a good guide for the youth/other people looking for it. Secondly, when good things are ahead of us or we discussed them, our brain gives the signal of reminding us of the need of applying in our life. Let us find the best possible ways to develop consistency & positivity.

What is consistency & positivity:-

Well. As we know consistency means (in my layman’s concept) behaving in the same way & positivity means -being hopeful or optimistic in our attitude.

Now as consistency means behaving in the same way, we have the responsibility also in channelizing it towards the positive path so that we can have maximum benefit. Consistency can’t be mentioned as a skill or any hidden talent. You can have direct control over it.

Now, consistency theory was originally introduced by Fritz Heider, in social psychology-that people have their motivation, belief, desire to maintain consistency & they try to avoid tension in order to reach a pleasant psychological state or balance.

For eg- Mr X is an alcoholic & his family members got him admitted to a rehabilitation centre. Now, there he came to know from series of sessions with a counsellor that it is alcohol that is at the root for all his evils. He can’t be with his family & gradually his health is deteriorating. Now becoming conscious, he developed a tension between his two believes.. One is enjoying alcoholism & 2nd is its bad impact. To attend psychological balance he had taken the decision of giving it up. Here he took this decision of giving up.

As we saw, This theory reflects the idea that human beings are motivated by the inconsistencies that create contradiction & tension & they(human beings) tend to change his belief, attitude, behaviour to remove psychological imbalances.

O.K Now let’s find out the possible ways to develop consistency & positivity.

1.Planning and scheduling of activities.

Scheduling of activities as per plan can help us to be master in achieving consistency towards positivity.

2. Believing in self.

One must believe in self & create a positive self-image. As per the theory of “Self-consistency” by P. Lecky- People use their self-helping measures to attend consistency. What you need is a master motive to regulate your thoughts & ideas to be consistent towards positivity.

3. Keep you isolated from some persons.

Yes. It is right. There might be some persons around you who only try to criticize you, find out faults purposefully not for the sake of your development but due to their attitude of annoying others. In our society we often meet with these types of persons & they may be our friends, colleagues, relatives. Cut off your relationship with them will definitely help you to be on the track.

4. To be in the network of well-wishers:-

Believe me, Good people & well-wishers will make you feel positive by encouraging, modifying your negative thoughts.

5. Accept & ignore criticism

Is not it contradictory?? Not at all. As we have seen we are also surrounded by good & trustworthy people who might criticize our act not for the sake of feeling low but for our betterment. They are our real friends & guide. Accept healthy criticism & ignore others

6. Practice a positive affirmation:-

As per motivational author-Louise Hay–“I deserve the best & I accept it now——-“

Develop positive affirmation like–yes, I can. Daily practice of positive affirmation will surely bring confidence & a high self-image that will keep us always positive irrespective of the situation.

7. Gratitude.

Be grateful to the sun for providing us sunlight, be grateful to the wind for providing us oxygen. Have gratitude towards everything that helps you to be on the earth & defying you as a human being.

8. Inculcate the habit of reading.

Go through success stories, valuable writings of great persons like–Swami Vivekananda, Del Carnegie etc. Their writings will provide you immense strength to be consistent towards achieving your objective. In youtube, there are josh talks where ordinary but successful persons use to describe how they faced barriers & became successful.

According to Swami Vivekananda-“Believe in yourself & the whole world will be at your feet”

9.Be optimistic:-


The world is not finished with our failure. Thousands of doors are opened. Even in pandemic, many new opportunities have been opened up. Be hopeful, be optimistic. At the end of the night always there are dawn & sunny days..

10. Don’t hurt others:

Don’t inflict pain on others. It might get back to you in any way. Better to live honestly & think positively.

But friends, I will never appreciate being consistent positive in a toxic situation. suppose, i) you are in an organization where there exists a toxic environment. You alone can’t change it & so it would be better to be a job hopper.

ii) you are in a relationship where you are being tortured, humiliated day by day. There you shouldn’t concentrate more & more to stay on the relation with a positive or optimistic attitude. Simply you should come out from the relation for the sake of gaining a high self-image & to maximize your sense of cognitive balance.

 However, consistency is required in our life & if this can be led towards positivity with daily practice then definitely it will have a good impact on our life.

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3 best reasons Why should not we judge people from our Perception?


Right from childhood as we grow up, we might have been taught to do, to act in a more perfect way. It is taught within the schools, society & everywhere. Even while doing our job we might have faced this awkward situation of being perfect. Let’s have a discussion to find it out reasons not to judge people from our perception.

What is perception?

Perception is the ability or the way to hear, see, interpret or understanding things through our senses. Sometimes we have seen people become judgmental regarding us on the basis of their perception & we are being tagged as ‘not perfect’ or below perfection level etc.

Hey, have you ever thought about who is perfect? I knew one boss who used to claim herself as a perfectionist & always try to find deficiencies within others. Honestly speaking I did find many deficiencies among herself & started thinking that due to her imperfect attitude she was making the life of other employees – a complete disaster. I will write another blog about job- hopping in relation to this.

Actually perfect is a relative terminology as we know. What is perfect from your perception might not work in the same way because a person is unique . our perception is based on the fact–how we react & interpret different sensations. Every person had grown up in a different environment & through different set up & so reacting to stimuli also differ . Our way of reacting or behaving is actually our personality. Do you know about your personality?? the way how do you behave?? Is it based on Ego or Id or superego??

For eg– 1. foundation of personality development actually starts with you at the year of 1 year & 6 months to 3 years. As per Freud’s consent, in this anal stage, the child undergoes bowel movement through toilet training. If a child goes through a bad phase then energy is fixated which can be reflected later in a negative way like rigidity, negative mood or through disordered personality.

2. Our personality structure is built on 3 pillars–ID, EGO & SUPER-EGO. We all know that Id is operated on pleasure-the seeking principle(attending at immediate gratification), Ego is based on reality principle &the super ego is based on morality principle(moral principle–right or wrong). The Ego tries to mediate always in between the two & as a layman, I can say that whichever wins, thus reflect in our behaviour. for eg– if the personality of one person is based on harsh super-ego then it will make people feel bad or will judge other people in a negative way who can’t follow a certain standard.

3. As we grow up we gather experience & during our teenage period we certainly pass through phases –identity crisis(who am I), peer pressure etc & if we have any harsh period that we experienced that might also remain in our subconscious mind & might comes later during our life cycle.. Some of us developed resilience, have the power of optimism, do the practice of positive affirmation where someone developed negative psychological factors like anger, pessimism.

Now suppose one has anger but also has defensive pessimism in his attitude. Do you know defensive pessimism acts as a catalyst for us to help us to be on track in advance? So how can judge other persons when some deficiencies might be within us?? When our knowledge is limited to know others? Nothing can be fixed as perfect or ideal as all these are relative terminologies.

O.K let’s take examples from the different aspects to relate the reasons not to judge people from our perception.–

a) Health:

Consider the health definition according to-who–‘“A state of complete physical, mental and socialwell-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

Infirmity means physical or mental weakness. O.k if you see others even fit physically & mentally -you can’t claim that his health is perfect. Why?? because while he has to fulfil other determinant-social well being. Now within society one might have problems in social interaction or for the last few days, he quarrelled with his spouse, boss, friends. That means he is suffering from health problems & despite fulfilling other conditions, he is sick.

So, can you claim anyone having perfect health?? It might be comparatively better than other fellows.


Dear friend, is it possible for us to say who is the richest?? Never. One might be relatively well in regards to the wealth & monetary aspect than some of the other societal members.

c)Social hierarchy:

Here also we can’t figure out any person who is topmost in the social hierarchy? To you, it might be your immediate boss who acquired that position after few years of struggle. To others, it could be – manager or board of directors.

And during job loss, industrial closure, superannuation–position again changes.

So can you fix anyone in a perfect position?? Never….

The Problem starts when people having negative psychology or negative mind are in power & controller of thousands of population. Their negative attitude sometimes mixes with power & make dependents or subordinates life -a disaster.

Carl Jung had rightly quoted–“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people”

We see that if we raise one finger towards others–three fingers are pointing towards us.

Raising fingers can be for the sake of modification & wellbeing of other persons.

According to Abraham mass-law(a great American Psychologist)–“What is necessary to change a persons to change his awareness of himself”.

Believe me, if you can help people to help themselves, gradually every people will be in a position to explore their inner potentialities to be self- independent with respect to physically, mentally, economically & socially. But not obviously judging people from your own perception would serve the purpose..

Do You know what we have been trained on during the social work training?? Be non-judgemental & use the principle of acceptance. Along with empathy & the above- mentioned qualities, anyone in our society can make others change- makers to make a society, full of peace lovers, having a helping attitude not a self-centred successful person.

Because Today’s world want more & more peace- loving & helping persons, a persons with self not successful persons.

To quote John Dewey(A great philosopher & educator)– “The self is not something readymade but something is continuous formation through choice of action”.

I do admit the above- mentioned discussion might not be perfect or less perfect to find out reasons -we should not judge people from our perception. We all will try not to be perfectionists or finding perfection from our own perception, rather it will be our joint effort towards bringing a change to a new normal—-a new world.