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11 Reasons for community care service Centre in prevention of suicide.

Community Care service Centre in prevention of suicide.

10th September had been recognised by WHO for World Suicide Prevention day. Causes for suicide is really a complex matter but its prevention strategy might reflect the need of creating or strengthening of existing Community care service as bottom up process for community engagement.

According to the WHO data- there are 8,00,000 deaths per year due to suicide & there exists 20 attempts for every suicide death. Suicidal tendencies increases as increase in ageing process. But tendency is increasing among the age group of (15-29).

In (15-29) years , there comes adolescent. We know that adolescence age is vulnerable by its nature when they suffer from identity crisis & are under influence of peer pressure.

As I told earlier, causes for suicide are of complex phenomenon & may or may not be related to the causative factors like-Suffering from illness for longtime, bulling at work place, conflict, substance abuse problem, Economic problem etc to name a few. In any cases prevention of suicide had become inevitable as it also have a bad impact in individual & community as a whole.

Now as Human being are social animal & largely effects or be effected by community, community care service had become essential in preventing suicide in the societal structure.

Here are the reasons for emphasising on” community care service Centre in prevention of suicide”.

  1. Community care centre can serve as engaging people in the prevention programme in a better way as professionals are well sensitised to the community people through accepting its culture/belief/values & norms .
  2. Community care workers through rapport building technique may reach to large number of people for awareness programme & turning them as stakeholder of the programme..
  3. It can highlight the burning issues of mental health problems for the inclusion in policy making for facilitation & service accessible to the target population within the community.
  4. Community as gatekeeper can reduce the risk & provide support service to the people feeling suicidal tendency. Often, persons with suicidal tendency feel hopeless . But they need someone trustworthy who might be a well & active Listener/emotional supporter instead of judging their behaviour as attention seeking.
  5. At the centre, there might be a short or long time based capacity building programme which would empower community people through life skill education to cope up of problems & to increase resilience power.
  6. Within the community, step will be taken by the care professionals to initiate programme related to awareness about mental health/causes/prevention of suicide in schools/colleges through quiz/discussion/Question & answer session by cohesion of the expert of community care professional & Educational institute. According to NCRB, more than 10,000 students committed suicide in India in 2018.
  7. This type of centre can act as a mediator between the person attempted suicide & resources. It can further empower that person for sustaining of resources. For that purpose, community self help group might be created or helped might be provided in linking target population with different existing self help group for their self- independence. It would work well for the person attempted suicide for the financial barrier as causative factor.
  8. Community care professionals through awareness/educating/empowering- can create change agent system for continuation of spreading & stopping suicidal attempt within the community especially among the vulnerable group.
  9. It can work much more better in creation of social network between individual, institutions,social media for effective implementation of prevention strategy & campaigning.
  10. Effectiveness of the prevention programme can easily be measured in a community by the centre through its monitoring & evaluation mechanism.
  11. People need skills to prevent this maladaptive behaviour or tendency. CCC(community care centre) can provide training through expert in the areas like-skill in suicide intervention(specific skills for persons to be trained) or General skill for all in the community people like -Teacher, Adolescent or anyone regarding determination of risk group or person & connecting them with resources for help.

We mentioned earlier also that Suicidal tendency is not related with individual problem. rather it effects adversely in our socio-economic structure. Loss of lives especially young as copycat suicide reflect reformation in our society for extending helping hands/empathy & having a non-judgemental attitude & instead increase awareness about the message that suicidal tendency is of temporary in nature & that-every problem has its solution .

An construction of committee within community care service can be helpful in addressing the problem at the community level. Involvement of male population in seeking of service while feeling low self esteem/hopeless from the expert — is in need of the hour because statistics shows suicidal tendencies exists more in male than female population.

There exists another important reason behind involving Community care service in this purpose. Though from world data,it is clear that male population die more in % or number than female but there are some countries like-Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar where data in 2015 reveals that female is ahead than male.

Look at the data below-

Year:- 2015 (Crude suicidal rate, per 1,00,000 population). (REF:- WHO)

  1. Bangladesh:- Male-4.7 & Female- 7.4
  2. Myanmar:- Male-5.8 & Female(9.3).
  3. Pakistan:- Male-2.8 & Female(3.1).

This figure definitely implies the need of addressing other socioeconomic factor along with individual in the prevention strategy & for this purpose, community care programme would be fruitful — without any doubt.

There are number of articles/awareness programme,helpline etc in preventing suicidal tendencies among us. But still, when we suffer from any problem, then we feel alone & helpless. There are some families where parents are staying alone as children are staying far away for the sake of study/earning purpose. In-spite of all the helping line these elderly people feel so depressive that sometimes it seems to them as they don’t have any alternatives.

Similarly, students who are studying in far away & staying at hostel/mess/rented house sometimes feel depressive/hopeless while going through any conflict or for other reasons.

We can reach to them thorough community care & prevention service.

Community care service can be provided to the people by establishing community care centre through PPP(Civil society organisation & Govt) model. Service can be rendered by professionals & Volunteers. Volunteers across the world would be helpful in exchange of knowledge,Skill development training, Advocacy,campaigning & implementation of prevention related programme in the community.

Membership of volunteers from concerned area in participation, protection( people at risk) & implementation would add an extra millage . It would help in achieving success towards the implementation & achieving target of 0 suicide programme within the community.

Every 10th September will be celebrated with the aim of prevention of suicide cases.

our effort will be aiming in achieving 0 suicide cases through spreading of message regarding prevention,skill development in protecting & helping people at risk throughCommunity care service Centre in prevention of Suicide because—” your life matters”.

When Surname matters

We all know that surname is the last name that reflects the identity of our family.Whether you are taking admission in school, Job, filling up of format in passport or in marriage,

We need to use our surname because surname really matters in our life..

I would n’t like to mention here in searching long source of history of surname rather its impact in our societal equilibrium.

In the society, we might be accustomed to go through rules for governing our behaviour & meet our social needs. Right from childhood to adult stage, everywhere kinds of institutions are there in fulfilling our needs for eg- family, marriage,education,religion, govt etc. These social institutions aimed at balancing equilibrium at social structure.

But will you consider surname as the causative factor in the creation of polarisation that is actually destroying the balance? well in this case you might argue about the importance of surname that indicates the source of our origin, from where have we come, the name of the region etc.

O.K that’s fine. But these may be known in other ways instead of using surname. You might ask that why am I in the against of existence of surname system. It is because it is affecting our lives within the parameters of social structure. It is because it acts as catalyst in destroying cohesion among various social groups, increases distances among us & creates a hierarchy system of placing us & creating limit setting factor for us.

Let us find out its impact  in  our life.

Class/caste & racism:-

Social stratification on the basis life style living /occupation/rituals– all these indicates to the caste system. In India it still persists & no one can deny it .

If your surname is singh that means you are khatriya(warrior),Banerjee/chatterjee belongs to(Bhramhin). Taking birth in a Bhramhin’s family one thus acquired the legitimacy in ascertaining the role as a priest to earn through worshipping. Other surname holders can’t have the right to enter into this institution of economy with license for earning.

According to 2011 Census, there are 16.6% SC(Scheduled caste), 8.6% ST(Schedule Tribes). Apart from these, there are people , called OBC(other backward class) consisting of 52% of Indian population(as Mandol commission). These OBC enjoys 27 % reservation in public sector employment & higher education.

When you have surname belongs to any of these categories, you would be entitled to receive facilities right from scholarship in education to employment & age relaxation as a job seeker.

As per institutional policy these facilities are being provided to remove bias & promote equality but in reality it is a retrograde step as our constitution describes equality among the citizens of the country. Considering present context, there is time coming soon to have reservation system for the surname consisting of General Category who are struggling for their existence.

Certain people with surname changes & reaches to the class in the social hierarchy.

Now, if you come to racial ground, I want to cite an example of influence of surname over it.

in the Uk, a researcher while submitting a thesis(racism in UK,2013),conducted a semi structured interview among 32 peoples. 29 out of 32 participants seemed to be found in changing their surname simply as their surname reflected racial identity.

According to “Tableau Public”, some of the racially homogeneous surnames, used by minimum 100k people per name— are-

  1. Most White:- Walsh(94.5%), Meyer(94.8%)

2. Most Asian:- XU(98.3%), ZHU-(98.2%)

3. Most Native American:-Begaye-(95.5%), T.Sosie-(95.0%)

In the early 20th century,African American sounding names & surnames holders were facing more job discrimination. Earlier in 200 census, total 163,063 people were counted & it had been found that 90 % of them belongs to African American, choosing surname of “Washington” in order to ascertain their freedom.

It is perhaps in the process of asserting of freedom, more than 1000 joined in the civil rights demonstration with the rally-” Get your knee off our necks”.

Family unity VS community dis integrity:-

Family is our primary institution where we by our surname can know the name of our ancestors.

families that are related to each others is supposed to be within same clan. In using surname we might get proud in the unity of our family for e.g joining by our extended family.

But simultaneously it has a bad impact towards the integrity of our community set up. Using surname provide barriers in social interactions. It decides whether it would be allowed or in what extent in case of social interactions & bonding. Definitely it goes against social grooming & thus maintaining cohesion within various groups in our community.


To day, using of own surname even after marriage no doubt reflects our attitude based on broad mentality,education & empowerment. But this surname system & its using had put mankind in the confused state from where it really becomes difficult for us to follow our both-old as well as existing system. Following of surname of either parents enhances possibility of gender bias- towards creation of patriarchal & matriarchal structure.

When children are proud in carrying surname of both parents, then also after her marriage she would have to go for adding & I just can’t think where it might stop after few generations.

Don’t you think this surname system thus acts as causative factor towards polarisation? Does not it remind us the difference between male & female existence & need for empowerment /capacity building /male- chauvinism/Feminism terminologies for the sake of persistence of our egoism?

Our foundation of morality are thus affected by the use of surname system & its inevitable impact is felt by us towards our urge in concentrating self-ism rather group-ism.

This self-ism is detrimental towards sustaining of even institution like- joint family where societal integrity is far way in our though process.

Honour Killing:-

have you gone through the Homicide case(May’202o) of Mahendergarh district in Chandigarh where a boy belongs to yadav surname was killed as he had an affair with girl using Brahmin surname, or

the kanpur killing case (Dec’2019) of 21 year girl because she got married out of her caste. She was killed in-spite of the fact that she had a court marriage with the boy from outer caste.

O.k Lets take a tour around the world. In 2012, Noor Al-melki (20 years) of pheonix was killed by her father Faleh-Al- Maleiki(Ref: CBS-48 hours mystery).

Pakistan is the country where honour killing is widely reported. Other countries are- Bangladesh, Brazil ,Canada, Egypt,Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Italy & even  UK or USA.

As per UN Estimation there are around 5,000 numbers of women & girls killing per year in the name of honour killing.

All these honour killing or shame killing attitude is derived from the concept of violating family norms & hence to be punished by the family /group members. This actually

Though steps had already been taken by the supreme court(in India) to prevent this shameful act & this is punishable offence under sec-307,308,120-(A + B) etc but attitude still persists in our society within us due to using of surname , claiming to be within clan on the basis of surname & continuation of practice of the prejudice of passing our surname Generation wise.

More persistence of using our surname in any extent , more will be the tendency towards gender discrimination & violence against women.

Can you ignore the impact of our surname system as one of Major causative factor towards anti-social thinking of “Honour Killing”?

Thus being conferred to rule the society on the basis of power dynamics that person achieved due to the dynasty is actually based by surname system in our societal structure.

We, thus have our succession system of transferring automatically health,wealth ,power & privileges. All classification/sub classification of our clan/sub clan or clan & family system as institution are having its impact ultimately in key social institutions like – Education ,Employment & Marriage.

Inequality in the society due to quota system/reservation policy without proper monitoring , increase rate of violence against women, inequitable class system by using alphabets in surname for getting privilege in education– all these persists in our life—

“When surname matters “.

Career at ISI(BSTAT & MSTAT) and previous solved question papers for the aspiring students.

This is all about career regarding analyst/staistics etc.

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This post is to provide an idea to the students regarding career at Indian Statistical Institute.

5 reasons why you should follow Thinking for self and Listen to self(TSLS).

Listening to self & living for yourself? Have you lost your sense? Does n’t it reflect the self- centred nature of human being which is against the nature of human being as a social animal?

You might be wondering with these kind of questions- Right?

If you are still here, together we can find out good impact of Listening to self & Living for self(LS). Definitely it would have a value in our life & provide us a direction to lead our life in a more happy & prosperous way.

Before that, let me tell you an incident that happened in my life. During training session, we all participants had been given a topic- “Our pleasant moment & our likes”. Believe me, 98% participants including me tried to link it with our nature of job & articulated in that way. Only 2% could give the correct answer.

Later trainer explained the necessity to take a break from work & to emphasise on our feelings/value/needs/likes and dislikes. This will in-turn make us more productive in rendering our services ta the professional level & to live a healthy life.

Decision making:

Decision making plays an important role in our life. As we all know it is related to our cognitive process having an impact on our belief/value/attitude etc.

Now , I want to ask you– how many times in your life you have taken decision by yourself?

In case of blogging also, we might be confused regarding whether to start hobby blogging or professional one or What niche we should choose because we need traffic. Even you might be worried if you fail to follow the systematic pattern of publishing your article on time– twice a week, quarterly,monthly.

Oh! come -on friends. Don’t you think that you are in between all those, you are perhaps missing one important aspect?

Yes my dear friends definitely i.e- TSLS(thinking for self & living for self). Taking a decision that would reflect our inner feelings/belief, respect towards self & passion- above all.

I am not taking for those persons taking decision, driven by their own instinct and followed by gratifying their unfulfilled desire.

I have gone through the interview session of the life style of some bloggers. You would n’t believe some of them are even engineers from a premier institute who had not gone in the traditional way of earning. Instead they have chosen “Blogging” as their full -time career .

Adopting “TSSL” on decision- making strategy reflect our believing in our own potentialities,make us a feeling to explore in our own way & to feel a happy life.

Image creation:

If you go through the definition of Health by WHO, you would find an aspect– “Social Well-being”.

How is it related with our topic? Well, let me explain.

As a social animal, we need to be in continuous interaction between our family,friends or with community. This two -way communication is inevitable for our own existence. In the two-way communication process there are senders & receivers.

As a sender, you would be in a better position reflecting your ideas/ beliefs in a way that is impressive which in turn create an atmosphere for the rapport building stage in making a strong relationship.

It is possible when you have self good & positive image & it comes when you become little introspect about your own motives & choose a way for modifying negative one.

Our own positive image is necessary while communicating because sender can understand it or otherwise they might take our attitude as not trustworthy/fake/not transparent & not taking to be granted.


In to-days life when we all have accustomed in either using or at-least hearing this catchy word.

Even we know that person with lack of Empathy might have a tendency to be sociopath or psychopath or autism.

But do tell me one thing– how a Person not having feelings towards self can have a feeling with others?

How many times does we feel with our inner feelings? During Pandemic also, we might have seen where peoples action proved to be less empathetic. I have mentioned in one of my previous blogging how an old person died due to lack of helping attitude by the neighbours.

You might have also noticed the impact of racism & brutality in some other countries. All these reflect lack of empathy as one of causative factor. Do that person ever became introspect regarding their action & its impact on others? If you collect their lifestyle history & analyse it, one unavoidable factor would emerge– Not listening to themselves, not have the courage to ask self for their present unsocial instinct & channelling towards positive factors like –Empathy.


This word reflects always a scaring & negative feelings. People hate this word & neglect those people believe on this concept. Even I sometime had a feelings like you. But “TSLS” and pessimism can show us the way to be more productive,success & happy individual.

For e.g:-

Adolescent , as we know suffer from identity crisis & their action are influenced by peer pressure. This with their “risk taking behaviour” aggregates the situation when they are out of their self- control & commit mistake. During my service in an observation home, I have seen teenagers deviated from the societal accepted norms & values.

you can mention that intellectual development is not at per the physical development in case of adolescent. O.k fine

But if through training or in their learning process, an initiative can be taken to learn emphasis on self thinking/creating good & positive self -image supported by practising of positive affirmation then it would save themselves to be a juvenile delinquent.

Here thinking for self & cognitive strategy to predict the forthcoming impact would not only take someone away from their actions but also encourage to adopt a strategy to deal with that crisis. This cognitive strategy can be mentioned as “Defensive -Pessimism”

It is not like that we don’t follow this combination of Defensive pessimism & Thinking for self. In our daily life, We follow this cognitive strategy to avoid or face obstacles..

For e.g– in times of heavy raining, we generally abstain from going outside or take umbrella or rain-coat as precaution.

or for e.g during Pandemic we don’t go outside during lock-down and don’t forget to take necessary documents & masks in case of emergency.

Here people not only predict the impact but also prepare/empower themselves in facing the challenge.


Perhaps there will be some one who does not love his independence. If we go through our life cycle -right from birth/childhood to adulthood, we would find the basic motto in our life -i.e- authority leading towards our self reliant.

The urgency towards our self -construal takes us towards adopting cognitive process for defining self. Within the defining self parameter, inclusion of other aspects like – our immense desire to have authority on our thoughts/belief/opinion/perception may be marked as significant.

If we go to the example of Bloggers who choose niche to express their inner- feelings or Bloggers chosen it as a full- time profession, we can find better examples. In both case, they used their authority to express self desire through reflecting authoritative control on their feelings/perception and self- respect. In both case influential negative factors from outside have not been taken into granted.

Obviously, when we know ourselves better, value our belief, show self- love then we become assertive. We literally become independent in running our life towards happiness & prosperity.

Thus “TSLS”(Thinking for self & Listening to self) acts as a catalyst in achieving self- reliance & leading life without the influence of other inimical factors in our life.

“TSLS”(Thinking for self & listening to self) can’t be used as negative connotation &hold responsible anymore to make person-self centred, less empathise or incapable for social grooming.

People react with good manner or in a well way when they feel well in terms of their social, mental,physical aspects. In our busy materialistic life if you become exhausted,feeling less energetic, aimless, fragile– then its time to take a break. Its time to rejuvenate yourself by being an introspect to hear your own inner- feelings, be an active listeners of yourself.

Because We should not forget a good I can make better –WE and better “WE” can eventually create a best “COMMUNITY

Dear friends if you are still here, then let’s have emphasise on fact -finding of to-days topic.

  • Thinking for self & listening to self is inevitable in our life,especially in present context.
  • This “TSLS” creates a value within the cognitive functioning relating to our mental process of judgement towards authority for self.
  • It enhances social grooming by presenting a good & positive self- image to the receiver for better communication & social interaction.
  • Combination of TSLS & defensive pessimism helps in our soothing process to find best alternative for removing our discomfort/unpleasant stimulus.
  • TSLS” also helps in maintaining a balance in our personal & professional life by creating a boundary between “Workaholic” & “Self- Care“. As a result We can have the feeling of complete & functional human being. If you have read it then I would like to convey my thanks to you & would like to ask you a question. I am going to follow this for the betterment of life. Wanna do?

Your feedback is welcome & it means a lot to me. Together we can grow up in this blogging world.

Thank you.

How a woman had shown us the way to be self-independent…….

Today is 15th August. Just close your eyes & go back in the year 1947. What did you feel? Having a feeling of independence.  Getting  freedom from foreign rulers,widen  a scope for us to grow as we wish.

Over the years India , no doubt had grown up to more developing phase & still growing up in terms of literacy, production & distribution & in many other aspects. We still remember sacrifice  of our leaders for their contribution for the well- being of the country.

Some people in our society continuously inspire us. During pandemic when economic impact is disruptive, when we are facing economic slow down everywhere with different extent, then I think story of an  Woman  Entrepreneur will definitely inspire us .

Why I have chosen her story? Oh! you might have forgotten the day—– It’s 15th August. WE should feel independence at every way– social & Economic—. & free of any polarisation factor like Gender bias.

To day, I am going to tell you the success story of a simple house wife who not only became self- reliant but also made others able to live a life .

Swapna Midhya, a woman of the resident of Diamond Harbour,west Bengal- is continuously growing up with her small sanitary & maternity pads from the last two years.  She started her organization “SHREE” almost from scratch.

Today, 8 nos of  women work at her organisation at production unit & more than 7 women are there for distributing  delivering pad to the target group.

70% of total earnings are being sent to non- profit organisations & she use to make a profit in rest of 30%.



Swapna demands the quality of her production is- as per with any branded company &  yet she provides at much more cheap rate.

Becoming an entrepreneur started when she was studying at college. She used to distribute pad to the  female of needy &  economically weaker section & aware them about its impact on health & hygiene with her pocket- money. But financial scarcity became a barrier in her social work.

She somehow took bank loan & bought semi automatic machine. Soon after getting  training,she at last started her journey towards– a new world — a world of entrepreneurship. Gradually she proceeded towards success route & today, her product  had spread over more than 6 districts.  Inspired by success, she bought automatic machine( of rs 70 lakh/ $7 million) for more production to meet the demand side.

“Swapna” had not refrained herself from social work. Whenever there is any adverse situation due to calamity, she is there to extend her helping hands towards the beneficiaries.  She is not as business woman, but as a social entrepreneur & social worker, touched the heart of hundred & thousands of  people.

Today also, she dreams of a society consisting of women who is self-independent irrespective of class/caste/religion & polarisation free society. This reflected through her providing training of maternity pad manufacturing.

Where during the recession period, many people are losing their jobs, many business man are in the dark about how to carry their business, many confident people like “Swapna” takes us to the world where one can have hope, can have a desire –not only to live a full of life  but also taking others in the way.

Because we are social animal. We love to live together,grow together & like to make a lovely “WE” society irrespective of class/caste/boundary. Perhaps this is called exactly “a global village”. 

What do you think?  By the way– Wish you a happy Independence day….

Friends, your feed back is welcome & it will inspire me to bring another success story      to inspire us.

 ——- THANK YOU——–






When distancing matters our lives.

myThumbnail (2)

As a blogger, one can’t always highlights the happy & easy going matters. Sometimes realism should also be reflected through the writings of a bloggers as— it keeps us updated , help us reform and get ourselves ready for reformation of society .

You might be knowing what for I am suddenly mentioning this. Well, let me explain. I am going to jot down some facts during covid19. It might not be related globally with the same frequency but its presence can’t be avoided. What is it?

o.k before it let me highlight some incidents happened locally & let me tell you that extent of these incidents are increasing recently.

  • A sick aged person was lying & his wife was trying to get him in ambulance but, could not. None including the ambulance driver extended their helping hands. That person died ultimately without reaching to hospital.
  • There was an announcement in a district to avoid police force & their families(as some of them found +ve) in order to avoid any spread. Those police persons are finding it difficult even to access groceries.
  • Barrier from the local people came in a place while changing a hospital by the authority into COVID care hospital.

These lists will be longer and reflecting towards mental distancing & lack of empathy.

WHO from the initial phase of this pandemic made us aware in maintaining social distances. For any type of communicable disease one of most important step towards it is- contact isolation so that there might be a halt in spreading.

As we know,Social distancing refers maintaining distances between various groups. Human being is social animal & need to survive in the society through forming of various kinds of relationship/groups & maintaining closer relationship. But with the terminology used, persons for the sake of saving their lives started emphasising on mental/psychological differences.

Thus all self images & related goals for e.g- creating positive self images of others,self esteem, cognitive structure gradually started changing. People with the new mental process started to store new information of “distancing” & it started reflecting through their motivation/wants/goals/attitudes in— inclusion of mental distancing within the parameter of social distancing.

WHO” later in its press conference took the initiative to replace “social distancing” by “physical distancing”. We have to maintain 6 feet distances from other persons with whom we are not living together or who is +ve . Maintaining distance physically sounds better then social distancing as it is a more confused term for people.


I can’t take it granted that people is doing all these nuisance due to their sudden increase of awareness to protect themselves. You might say that they are doing for the sake of their life & as they are scared. we have seen, where people should be aware in wearing masks, sanitising hands/washing hands with soap,not gathering & roaming without any purpose, updating of information from Govt/health professionals ends– there they were surprisingly less active to the appropriate extent.

You know it very well, Increasing of mental distance is not only are effecting us during pandemic, it had its bad effect in our society in many forms & ways for e.g– discrimination based on race,class,caste,ideology from long years back in our society.

In Globalisation era, we all are living in a global village,connecting each others/sharing our values within the global community. our personal characteristics should not lead towards social distances affecting gender, race,group,class etc.

I liked the blog –“Raising Race conscious Children” where”Sachi Feris, a blogger” blogs( The Movement for Black Lives) for encouraging people to participate in Anti racist workshop for free. She facilitates anti racist workshops to make young people change agents in removing polarisation within societal structure.

All those problem due to the increased mental distancing in maintaining social distancing can be reduced . A path which would make people more convivial to be sociable. No– not sympathy but by “EMPATHY”. Yes, you rightly heard.


Sympathy can’t work better here because you will be feeling like them which would not be helpful in bringing any solution to the problem. But in Empathy, you would feel with the target people. Feeling a pain/stress/ with them would strive you in relieving that target group/individual from the adverse situation.

If you had not gone yet & reading it then I shall request you to go below, finding difference between the two with examples..

Suppose you are a health professional. If someone comes to you crying with a cut(might be minor or major) in one of his hands & it’s bleeding then what will you do? Will you feel like him/her & start crying? Then what will be the difference between you and that person? That is your sympathy. But through empathy, you will make him/her comfort,telling for not to be worried & that he/she will be ok. Simultaneously you might be providing first aid or medication and trying for referral for further treatment. That will make a sense & works better for the person.

I am not saying one should not think about protection of self. “Self protection ” is crucial & first most condition for saving the community. But there are ways by which we can reduce the mental distances .

A little step of us towards-” be empathetic”as for e.g—will have wonderful +ve impact in our life.–

  • Reduce mental distance & increase social affability, communicating by social network site/using mobile.
  • Instead of being suspicious to each others during pandemic, we would enhance ourselves by accessing right information(from Govt) about COVID 19 in saving us & others.
  • IR(Industrial relation) climate(relationship between employers & employees) will be ideal & mutually trusted where employer will not go for lay off or unnecessary closure and employees will not compromise with the standards through remote/ working at home facility.
  • People recovered from COVID 19 would be agree for donation of Plasma to save others with respect to the present context.
  • Racial discrimination will be diminished. “Humanism” will get preferred. No I am not an atheist. I want to mean humanism here to prefer human value,needs and priority not on the basis of polarisation /biased factors. In no religion even, there is any instruction of dividing human beings on the basis of race/class/caste or in any way.
  • Elders will not feel alone anymore, even in pandemic because younger generation will be there for them ,may it be through phone,video calling to assure their well- being.
  • People would not show poor manners to the health professionals/covid volunteers / warriors when found positive while rendering their service to save our life from COVID19.

Before COVID we had faced many adverse situations in pandemic like -Spanish Flue(1720),Plague(1820),Cholera outbreak(1820),Spanish flu(1920). Those also caused loss of many lives. But over time we won over the situation. In this pandemic- Researcher are working for inventing vaccine, in some countries, curb is flattening. It’s definitely a ray of hope that within forthcoming few months we might with us vaccine to fight against the virus.

But in no way increase in mental distances can be supported or appreciated. We should not overlap the concept of physical distances with mental distancing. Chinese corona crisis will be over by time. But remember we have responsibility towards our children in moulding their attitude,value, belief that will guide them in behaving as per the societal accepted norms/sanctions in their forthcoming days.

It is already mentioned earlier that “Epigenetics”- explains- influencing of children’s behaviour by interactions of both genes & environment. “Empathy” is partially innate which needs to be developed. This no doubt reflect training/learning/experiencing in proper environment & parents/guardians are responsible for that.

It does not need to mention that empathy deficit might lead towards sociopath( with limited ability of showing empathy)/psychopath(with little or no conscience)/autism. These psychopaths have a greater chance to be juvenile delinquents during teenage & criminals/antisocial in their later life.

WE” including our kids are going through tough days. They should be nurtured carefully so that they can empower themselves in facing problems & finding solutions . For this We, should immediately take steps in shaping our attitude,interest, social behaviour in reducing mental distances & increasing social cordiality.

Equally we must have +ve self- image towards learning & accessing right information from approved sources to save us & others from the adverse situation but not to panic & spread false rumour. Needs for the adoption social affability /social cordiality really becomes unavoidable considering present context when–

“Distancing matters our lives”.

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your feedback is most welcome & it will be encouraging me in blogging. Together we can grow up ……within the worlds bloggers society– a place to express our feelings.

Thank you.

Nature vs Nurture — its impact in the reformation of CCL(Child in conflict with laws)….

Sir, Are we going today in the field for playing? Thomas asked me.

Yes, of course. I replied & told those boys to get ready. Thomas(name changed),an adolescent with others being placed by the court to this observation home for their reformation. This boy is in conflict with law for his activity( a heinous crime),he performed before coming to this home .

There are many boys who are staying for the past few months & these juvenile delinquents are called CCL(Child with conflict with law). Their previous action (rape, child marriage,murder, stealing etc)put them into the conflict with law. In their reformation & restoration process, a home like environment is provided to them.

As a superintendent of that home, I clearly understood that establishing rapport with those boys would make it easier for them to enter into the reformation process. I used to take them in the field(of course with my other staff), play with them,discuss with them regarding their likes/dislikes . Even I started a drama group with them & they played drama rendering some social message like– child marriage , superstitions in our societal frame etc.

They even took part with us in the social work activities within the community like maintaining of environmental hygiene, helping elders in an old age home, survey & awareness regarding impact of sanitation in health & hygiene.

Thomas and other boys were playing with their happy mood. I was thinking about factors for their action done in the past for which they had been placed at the home. What is responsible —Nature or Nurture?

Nature or Nurture ??? I murmured . Suddenly Nature vs Nurture theory was coming in my mind.

“Nature” theory reflects the impact of genes /genetic inheritance and other biological factors on our behaviour and “Nurture” on the contrary believes on experience/ knowledge acquired/ learning process within the environmental influence that determines the behaviour of an individual.

Those boys used to be under the regular counselling process. Thomas had been observed very active in taking part of the reformation process. He took his initiative to play the role of a leader in creative activities like taking part in decoration of wall magazine, engaging boys in—– exercise/meditation process, attaining study class/tuition, vocational training classes regularly, maintaining discipline at the home etc.

One day while having chatting with me,he expressed his desire to start his life in a new way after restoration & in mainstreaming in the society. He had a dream to go for enhancing his knowledge in electrical wiring & to start it as a career.

He told me that he would never be indulged with such type of group of peers, if he would have received proper guidance. During social investigation, it had also been found that there was no family history in deviating from Law or the societal accepted norms. He is survived by his widow mother, who sells vegetables in the market to earn a living, .
Now,how do you explain his deviated behaviour? Due to his– inherited Genes or Environment in which he grew up.

  • Thomas might have got his height & look through chromosome. It is also believed that some kind of behaviour like aggression or down syndrome like schizophrenia/bi-polar disorder might be due to the genes but these can’t be the sole factors for determining behaviour of an individual.
  • If you believe in Natures theory,then Thomas should not have done the activity which seemed to be one of heinous crimes. But here factors like –lack of guidance, influence of peer pressure, identity crisis & risk taking behaviour of adolescent without thinking of impact— all these definitely had influenced his behaviour..
  • There was another CCL(Arnab,name changed), whose father was alcoholic,used to beat his mother but still in spite of belonging to that environment, Arnab had shown radical changes during the process and he used to take part in singing whenever there was any programme arranged within the home. Many of us got astonished to see his talent of singing.
  • Juvenile delinquent-Junaid,(name changed ) who had skill in drawing , used to draw beautiful scenario at the wall magazine, might have got the potential through inheritance but it was explored in proper environment at the observation home, through encouraging and practising.

During my period of service there, I have seen CCL appearing for exam,passing & starting life after restoration & in mainstreaming . One CCL re-entered into that home for the conflict with law due to again deviating from law & societal accepted norms & values.

“Our play time is over, lets go back Sir to join the evening prayer schedule”—– I came back to my senses with the voice of Thomas & headed towards our home.

Actually these CCL should not be allowed to go out & should have escorted while making their move. But I wanted to treat them as family members, I tried to establish their faith on the system that they also could have normal life & not to have a feelings of a convict & considering observation home like a jail.

Believe me, perhaps due to this, when we had our picnic at a place near by without any escort system from law & order, they could run away but they did not. Even, a boy who had got bail & restored to his family, joined us in the picnic in 25th December to spend time with us.

It is perhaps for this bonding/sense of belonging & mutual trust, Thomas had tears on his eyes when due to my personal reason I was leaving from my job.

Bio-psychology prefers the genes & neurotransmitters in deciding individual behaviour & social learning theory on the other hand believes that child will try to learn & imitate others behaviour. They will grow up as they would receive behavioural training & observing others behaviour in family & surroundings.

According to “Epigenetics” study(science of study of influencing environment over genetic factor’), continuous interaction of environment & genetic factor is responsible for the production of new characteristics & we behaved in that way . It continues for the lifetime.

You have to vacate the seat“—— I heard the voice of bus conductor. Oh my God! all thoughts came from my subconscious mind while travelling & what happened 2 years back? I made my move towards the station.

I don’t want to judge them either from the perspective of nativist (nature) or from empiricist(nurture).

But my conscious mind is still searching the answer regarding active involvement of the CCL in the reformation system & impact of Nature and Nurture/Genes and environment on it. What would you say?