Religion vs COVID 19

When whole world is in lockdown stage and where everyone is trying to cooperate to fight against the deadly Corona virus then the news of gathering of people(I think more than thousand) for religious purpose at Nizamuddin- shook ùs with fear ..

Fear of getting into phase iii stage,fear of losing our hope,fear of losing control over the disease and losing of our lives/beloved ones.  Question naturally arises about the importance of religion over life. In Nizamuddin, people responsible for arranging  meeting for religious purpose reflect their irresponsible behaviour towards the whole society/Country.

I want to ask one question to them that what made them confident to give preference Religion over Life?? When people like them would come to know that religion comes later,human being comes first.

I would like to say that people of Italy did nt take it seriously  earlier and they are now paying for it.

Developed countries with better medical facilities seemed powerless against this pandemic.

Hundred times message had been spread from health fraternity/Appropriate Govt that only Isolation and social distancing can save us from this disease.

Of course with lockdown , tracking of infected person and providing them service should be there but where  some people are still nt conscious about the impact then obviously question arises–“what will be happened if there would start community transmission??

What will be about adequacy of kit and other medical facilities??

—Govt is doing their best. Its these type of disgusting and irresponsible person who will be responsible for next incident..

Then also I don’t know whether these people will keep life ahead over religion.

Let’s wait … and hope for the best.

Debananda Roy.




I don’t know why after every 100 years world face adverse situation in way of epidemic. 2020 year is not an exceptional one.

More and more people are getting affected by this. According to the opinion of expert -contact isolation and social distancing are the strategy to fight against this pandemic.

But my concern is about the people of village and slums in INDIA…

They are involved in unorganized sector for their livelihoods. Day to day earner might face problem during lockdown period.  But it’s a matter of relief that Steps had been taken by the Govt to provide food supply  and cash flow to these common people.

Corporate sector should come forward through their CSR activities to continue cash flowing or supply of essential things to the target population.

India don’t have adequate resources like other developed countries. In spite of having resources and developed medical facilities ,they seemed to helpless in front of this deadly virus.

In view of above it’s better to follow lockdown and to prevent the spread of it before let it be going out of our hands.

We should remind that simultaneously economic crisis is equally going to create an unpleasant situation.

In rural areas,schools,primary health centers shoul be prepared well in advance for quarantine  and isolation for especially senior citizen. Convergence should be across various deptt like health,BDO office,education etc.

Ist line health professionals, Quak doctors in rural area should be given training in advance to face any situation(if it comes anyway in near future).

This pandemic however made us bound to think regarding maintaining of personal hygiene.

In any adverse situation, if you go backward to 1720(plague),1820(cholera),1920(Spanish flue)—— at last we human being won.. This time also we would win.. This pandemic made us United for survival .Nothing could make us united earlier.

There would come one sunny day when this type of black cloud would  be vanished.. then Self held group of villages might be trained for preparing of sanitizer.. because afterwards human being might continue the good practice of washing hands … so why to pay to the big corporate giants.. rather it’s better to provide an opportunity to this group  to be economically strong and self independent.. and ultimately whole society would be benefited.

But let us first fight and survive from this COVID 19


Its death…  we gradually are coming to understand that it is not money, it is nt power –which would last for ever. Rather it’s our affection,extending helping hands towards each other,maintaining a hygienic world together.. would be base for our existence in the earth.

Debananda roy



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