3 best reasons Why should not we judge people from our Perception?


Right from childhood as we grow up, we might have been taught to do, to act in a more perfect way. It is taught within the schools, society & everywhere. Even while doing our job we might have faced this awkward situation of being perfect. Let’s have a discussion to find it out reasons not to judge people from our perception.

What is perception?

Perception is the ability or the way to hear, see, interpret or understanding things through our senses. Sometimes we have seen people become judgmental regarding us on the basis of their perception & we are being tagged as ‘not perfect’ or below perfection level etc.

Hey, have you ever thought about who is perfect? I knew one boss who used to claim herself as a perfectionist & always try to find deficiencies within others. Honestly speaking I did find many deficiencies among herself & started thinking that due to her imperfect attitude she was making the life of other employees – a complete disaster. I will write another blog about job- hopping in relation to this.

Actually perfect is a relative terminology as we know. What is perfect from your perception might not work in the same way because a person is unique . our perception is based on the fact–how we react & interpret different sensations. Every person had grown up in a different environment & through different set up & so reacting to stimuli also differ . Our way of reacting or behaving is actually our personality. Do you know about your personality?? the way how do you behave?? Is it based on Ego or Id or superego??

For eg– 1. foundation of personality development actually starts with you at the year of 1 year & 6 months to 3 years. As per Freud’s consent, in this anal stage, the child undergoes bowel movement through toilet training. If a child goes through a bad phase then energy is fixated which can be reflected later in a negative way like rigidity, negative mood or through disordered personality.

2. Our personality structure is built on 3 pillars–ID, EGO & SUPER-EGO. We all know that Id is operated on pleasure-the seeking principle(attending at immediate gratification), Ego is based on reality principle &the super ego is based on morality principle(moral principle–right or wrong). The Ego tries to mediate always in between the two & as a layman, I can say that whichever wins, thus reflect in our behaviour. for eg– if the personality of one person is based on harsh super-ego then it will make people feel bad or will judge other people in a negative way who can’t follow a certain standard.

3. As we grow up we gather experience & during our teenage period we certainly pass through phases –identity crisis(who am I), peer pressure etc & if we have any harsh period that we experienced that might also remain in our subconscious mind & might comes later during our life cycle.. Some of us developed resilience, have the power of optimism, do the practice of positive affirmation where someone developed negative psychological factors like anger, pessimism.

Now suppose one has anger but also has defensive pessimism in his attitude. Do you know defensive pessimism acts as a catalyst for us to help us to be on track in advance? So how can judge other persons when some deficiencies might be within us?? When our knowledge is limited to know others? Nothing can be fixed as perfect or ideal as all these are relative terminologies.

O.K let’s take examples from the different aspects to relate the reasons not to judge people from our perception.–

a) Health:

Consider the health definition according to-who–‘“A state of complete physical, mental and socialwell-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

Infirmity means physical or mental weakness. O.k if you see others even fit physically & mentally -you can’t claim that his health is perfect. Why?? because while he has to fulfil other determinant-social well being. Now within society one might have problems in social interaction or for the last few days, he quarrelled with his spouse, boss, friends. That means he is suffering from health problems & despite fulfilling other conditions, he is sick.

So, can you claim anyone having perfect health?? It might be comparatively better than other fellows.


Dear friend, is it possible for us to say who is the richest?? Never. One might be relatively well in regards to the wealth & monetary aspect than some of the other societal members.

c)Social hierarchy:

Here also we can’t figure out any person who is topmost in the social hierarchy? To you, it might be your immediate boss who acquired that position after few years of struggle. To others, it could be – manager or board of directors.

And during job loss, industrial closure, superannuation–position again changes.

So can you fix anyone in a perfect position?? Never….

The Problem starts when people having negative psychology or negative mind are in power & controller of thousands of population. Their negative attitude sometimes mixes with power & make dependents or subordinates life -a disaster.

Carl Jung had rightly quoted–“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people”

We see that if we raise one finger towards others–three fingers are pointing towards us.

Raising fingers can be for the sake of modification & wellbeing of other persons.

According to Abraham mass-law(a great American Psychologist)–“What is necessary to change a persons to change his awareness of himself”.

Believe me, if you can help people to help themselves, gradually every people will be in a position to explore their inner potentialities to be self- independent with respect to physically, mentally, economically & socially. But not obviously judging people from your own perception would serve the purpose..

Do You know what we have been trained on during the social work training?? Be non-judgemental & use the principle of acceptance. Along with empathy & the above- mentioned qualities, anyone in our society can make others change- makers to make a society, full of peace lovers, having a helping attitude not a self-centred successful person.

Because Today’s world want more & more peace- loving & helping persons, a persons with self not successful persons.

To quote John Dewey(A great philosopher & educator)– “The self is not something readymade but something is continuous formation through choice of action”.

I do admit the above- mentioned discussion might not be perfect or less perfect to find out reasons -we should not judge people from our perception. We all will try not to be perfectionists or finding perfection from our own perception, rather it will be our joint effort towards bringing a change to a new normal—-a new world.


why handmade soap actually is miracle for use and earning???

handmade soap pic

The Soap had become an integral part in our life from many years ago. With starting of soap like substances in 2800 b.c ,it had been developed as as art for designing & better using.

Well, I am not going in full history as we all know, rather here I want to highlight the magical use of handmade soap –both for self use & way of earning.

 You might be feeling boring & thinking -why had I chosen this where everyone knows about hand-made soap. Even Many have started already till date. O.K  Do you believe in reminding fact? Believe me, that works wonders & helps us rejuvenate for a new start-up?

During pandemic, we have been advised by our medical expert to maintain protocol–like-warning mask, maintaining social distances & frequent wash of hands –either by alcohol-based sanitizer or by soap.  Now, needless to say, soap is always better than alcohol-based sanitizer. That reflects actually type of items to be used for our skin/body.

We all follow this to make ourselves healthy & safe. To keep ourselves safe & simultaneously keeping our skin softer & away from harmful chemical–use of handmade soap has immense benefits. If you browse, enough information will be available to you related to its health benefits. Equally, it contributes towards removing our financial barrier.. Let us find out the facts to have a conclusion whether handmade soap actually a miracle for multi-purpose–self-use & earning..

  1. Demand of handmade soap, due to its organic & natural use of materials is growing day by day… as people are becoming more & more health conscious.
  2. Growth of this Organic soap making will be influencing the global business & in 2021 is growing steadily(src-marketwatch.com).
  3. You can experiment in many ways for preparing as per need-based of clients for eg– oily based, normal & combination of skin, dry skin, etc.
  4. Organic based soap is easy for making & using. There is misconception that huge amount of money is required for its start up. There are many examples where individuals had started with minimum amount of money & now providing jobs to other persons. Related to this, I would like to mention the name of Mrs Tanushri(click on this link to know more) who started with only rs1500, 8 years ago & managed herself to grow enough to establish “Tanushri soap ocean OPC Pvt Ltd” & now providing jobs to others during pandemic & lockdown period also. I am sharing her whats-app number to know much more about this business. She also provides training for the newbie.

9971772325. and email— tanushri225@gmail.com

Another link for selling tips on you-tube channel–A Girl & a goat”(click below)


5.We can make it for both purposes– using for self to treat our skin in a better way, as a gift to our near & dear ones  or sell for our economic independence.   

6.We want to stay healthy & want our financial obstacles to be kicked away.

7.It is a fact that hand-made soap is costly & not available. It can’t be accessible in your nearby grocery shop.  But as you see the result from market research–the health consciousness of people will gradually pushing the product to  growing demand category. Less availability in all areas except supermarkets also indicating the need of supplying in your nearby shops. This demand might be fulfilled by you through your production.

8. It is the nature of conscious human beings to spend money in health-related aspect because “health is wealth”

9.There is a constantly growing demand for natural & herbal products.

10. Start-Up of this business requires less amount of money, space, and items.

I do agree that herbal soap cost is high. But you have to admit it that  with regular use of this type of soap, you will not need of any chemical-based cream, lotion, costly scrubs. The most important fact regarding this organic soap is that no glycerin is used additionally. it is created during the soap-making process. As you know glycerin is an emollient that helps to draw moisture from air for our skin.


Based on your requirement you will be needed different types of plant like-neem, aloe-vera etc.  Most common ingredients are—

a) Soap base(transparent noodles-oil & goat milk based).

soap base

You will found it in supermarket or have to search in your nearby area.

b) Essential Oils:

essential oils

Based on your choice & requirement different types of essential oils like–rose, Jasmin ,lavender can be used to make it a feel fresh ready.  These oils are required to for aromatherapy for our body. This is helpful for stimulating our nervous system, relaxing our mind, etc. There exists a difference between fragrance oil & essential oil. Essential oils are made from the extracts of plants & fragrance oil are made from a chemically synthetic-based compound which have bad impact on our body. So, please don’t get confused in between two concepts & I will say that it is one of the reasons (using of essential oils) that makes hand made soap great in gaining its popularity day by day.

c) Molds:-


 Molds are required to shape & size of your handmade soap. Though various types of molds are available, still silicon molds are in demand for easy use & cleaning.  These are available at amazon & other supermarkets.

d) Plants & vegetables:-

  Again it will be as per your need & requirement. Suppose your client wants soap for removing tanning, scars, dark patches, pigmentation etc. So you will require a potato-based organic soap & along with other essential requirements you need to use potato.

Like wise you will definitely make charcoal based soap when you require to remove dirt, impurities from skin or want to reduce pore size.

I have talked to Mrs Tanushri who after training also helps to start & grow your business. During pandemic, there are lots of SHG group to whom it might be a good option for start-up.

There are organization like MRIYAA which is also involved in making of this organic based soap.

Growth of herbal handmade soap market will be expanding to 382.1 billion by the year 2027 . (src-databridgemarketresearch.com) .

  Some of countries are undergoing 3rd wave & rest of the world is waiting patiently to face & fight again with deadly covid. We don’t know where our economy will reach & to what extent we would suffer from physical, mental, economic aspect. But one aspect is clear & it is due to our dynamism & optimism we would definitely move on. Dynamism already reflected in our attitude, passion, profession, liking & disliking.

Covid made us more conscious about our health aspect. That’s why after job loss of loss of many lives we opted new way- to survive & to provide our dependents — a happy & prosperous life.

From above I think we can draw a conclusion that during this uncertain & tough time, hand soap making can really be miracle to us both for our use & one good source of earning.. Is not it???

Wear masks, wash your hands with soap, be vaccinated & keep social distancing… Stay fit…… stay healthy..

Gratitude pic

Your feed back is welcome & it will encourage blogger in everyway..

One of my fellow blogger(SAANIA) had written her first book regarding her teenage experience in her life & published it. I have read & will recommend it to all of book lovers to go through. She at her tender age had articulated in an wonderful way & this book will be helpful to another teenagers as well as parents. It is available at amazon. Check it in the following link below... Let’s bless & encourage her.


Need of strengthening Child safety net When Protector is predator….

Teaching is considered as one of the noble profession where a person should be ready to render his service

beyond professionalism. They are being trusted like our parents & we consider them sometimes as our role model in our life.

But I was just shocked in teacher’s involvement in child trafficking. Recently rescue of three girls children & two boys children aged between 9 months to 6 years reflect the need of one aspect –child safety net.

Arrest of school principal, a school teacher along with other seven(total nine) highlighted the requirement of strengthening our state machinery related to child protection. All it happened in a central school at Bankura district in west Bengal.

I am happy that those predators were arrested but their act had shown the least form of our materialistic life where people go ahead to achieve their meta needs(above their basic needs) in any way.

You might feel sorry like me to hear that three of these children were from sex workers family. Now again it raised questions–

a) How was the earlier inspection of school & ensuring of child safety net in the school.

b) Why sex workers family had been targeted?? Is it easy for the predators to use them & not letting them to be in societal main stream generation wise??

c) How is Child protection system implemented in the school?? Is there any coordination & continuous interaction between various systems??

d) Details of study should be made regarding–whether children had been taught in using toll free number 1098? Do other relatively elder children know this ??

This racket might have been working from long time ago & it is our failure to identify the potential danger for our children. To save our children from the prey of other predator who might be in disguise around us, we should emphasize on strengthening our child safety net.

a) If our children are staying at boarding school, we should have frequent communication with our children.

b) Requirement of post of a counsellor is very much required & this should be reflected clearly in the school licensing system.

c) Checking of referrals in case of recruitment.

We all know that child is much more safe to his parents (with exception in some cases). Even the state machinery also consider this & encourage there by is on non institutional service like– sponsorship, foster care, adoption etc.

These are all excellent but during covid period chances of child trafficking also increased a lot. Loss of job, death of parents, financial hardship & starvation made human being in-human & thus involve in child trafficking. Protection from abuse, child marriage, in need of having medical aid etc have been increased during covid period(from Child Line data).

Now it is high time to provide non institutional service to the economically weaker sections of the society. Equally strengthening of economic condition of the parents by either providing cash or through linking them SHG-IGP(Self help group-Income generation programme) should be there for actually strengthening family bond & child safety. Needless to say, number of 3P model between Govt & Ngo should be in requirement with high priority.

Though step is already taken in PPP model (Govt-Ngo partnership) in samagra shiksha but still number is quite a few & need more & more for the benefit of schooling system & children.

Why I am talking all these where I have started with Protector & predator?? Yes. because to save our children from these kind of predator. It is because our child safety net system is still in need of modifying, strong monitoring & reaching to number of target population.

Through out the world consciousness & focuses are on child rights. Countries who have signed on UN Convention is bound to follow this international treaty. But recent pandemic situation remind us more & more focus on child protection & child safety net. There exists a typical relation between these two aspects.

Through CP(child protection), children rights are reflected & to be fulfilled. To protect your child starvation & homeless you will need the survival right of the child through shelter & food.

Predator in our society find the gap- things need to be fulfilled & service not accessible to the target beneficiary for causes. This causative factor of situational gap is the root of all evils– Child trafficking, child abuse, child labour , child marriage etc to name a few.

Whatever you modify and implement it would n’t work un-till it fulfills the requirement of target population. Lots of effort had been tried but still we have problems. This reflect–

i) Updating of recent data continuously for making & implementing policy because field changes fast.

ii) Flexibility in modifying policy & re-implementation .

iii) Emphasizing on PPP model as Ngo can better reach to grass-root level & it had been proved several times.

iv)Transparency & one window system.. so that it can be easily accessible to the needy population.

v) Establishing linkage between service required for target beneficiary & CSR. Emphasizing is on how economic weaker section can be better served through CSR. Govt policy should be monitored frequently.

However, to combat trafficking even different types of apps are being used. Only mass awareness & practices are needed. Below are some apps which can be download from play store to stop trafficking(worldwide).. Besides there are also useful links to have information related to combatting of trafficking .

  • The Stop App.(UK).
  • Cyber Tipline(US).
  • Sishu Suraksha App(West Bengal, Assam… in India,)..Source- The Telegraph
  • Track child(for missing child…India),source–trackthemissingchild.gov.in
  • Dial of toll-free number-1098(source– child-line India foundation). We should remember always about the fact that 80% of child abuse cases are found within the contact of close relations. Children are generally taught about –good touch-bad touch, sharing of feelings etc but we should first change our attitude. People engage in noble profession like -teaching should choose the profession not for the sake of earning because from individual development to nation development, they play a vital role. Respected Sir & Madam-If you can stay away from politics, refrain from being greedy(not running after gratifying at the cost of everything), having strong self concept then you are welcome to this profession. Society still respect you as a teacher & you should not defame this noble profession by your dirty attitude.. children despite of category/class they belong to, deserve to access–basic rights –survival, protection, participation & developmental as minimum to grow up as potential future citizen & perpetrator/predator should be punished in such a way so that it would remain as an example for other potential deviators/sociopath. Above all, smile of our children is an important factor for us & we want them to grow up within a strong safety net.

How Butterfly pea flower tree(Blue tea) can be helpful to us.

 Butterfly pea flower ( cliteria tarnatea)

 If you ask of what requires most in our life in living even to a small child, answer would reflect the need of oxygen.

 During pandemic requirement of oxy meter had increased. I could remember, I had to check oxygen level during my covid effected period-frequently. 

But truly speaking, how many of us still becomes aware of saving the source of our natural oxygen supplier?? Perhaps a very few, even though  number of organizations are working for mass awareness regarding that.

KJKS, an non profit organization celebrated “ARANYA UTSAV“-(A Festival of Plantation) from( 14th july to 20th july)’2021—through various activities like planting of trees,  arranging drawing for children & spreading the message of taking action to save tree–in social media.

Now while writing to that suddenly utility of a tree came to me, especially when we are going through a bad phase of pandemic. 

Perhaps we all know about the name & utility of that tree. My aim of highlighting it again to make people remember-who knows & to disseminate information to those who don’t know it.

   This is known as clitoria tarnatea, blue & butterfly pea, aparajita etc.  Its main sources are in south east Asia–India, Srilanka Indonesia, Thiland, Vietnam etc. 

  We all know that green tea takes an important place in our life & we get immense benefit from it.

 But do you know that tea makes from butterfly pea flower have many many benefits???   Well if you know ,still have a glimpse on few of benefit lists & you will be astonished again & I am sure you will start using it if not using till date.

 Blue petals of flower(butterfly pea flower) are used in making herbal tea & believe me making is very easy.

 You have to boil some petals for around 5 to 6 minutes & as per your need mix lemon & honey. Now let us go through the —

Benefits of blue tea

1. Anti depressive.

  Regular use can reduce our  stress as it enhances our mood/positive psychological factors.

2. Weight loss:-

Blue tea does n’t have carbohydrates, caffeine, fats etc. So this organic tea  enhances the process of losing our weight gradually without having any side effect.

   3. With its “Tannins”,it helps us in fighting against harmful bacteria, virus ,fungi etc. 

   4. This conventional & organic ready to drink blue tea is helpful in blood clotting.

   5.Presence of  “Anthocyanin”, in this herbal tea is useful in maintaining of high blood pressure, urinary tract infection, heart disease( as it strengthens bioflavonoid  compound ), prevention of breast cancer etc.

  6. For Type- II diabetic patient, daily use will be useful in controlling -high blood sugar, increasing secretion of insulin & helps in digestion also.

7. It flushes out toxins in our body.

  Above are some of its benefits that we get for our health. It benefits us economically also  Market of this conventional, ready to brew herbal tea is booming & replacing gradually marketplace of green tea. 

   Anti inflammatory & immune boosting Butterfly pea flower tree can easily be planted & seed germinates in warm condition & within 6 days.

Its cost in our market is Rs(1500–2000)/kg & is available online/ at supermarket, Amazon flipcart etc.

         We have environment favorable for growing of butterfly pea  blue flower tree at our villages.  There are self help group at the village level who can generate a good source of income by planting butterfly pea flower tree. It can be dried under sun

     Number of steps might be taken right from starting of plantation to marketing..

a)  Making People conscious & encouraging about importance of plantation of blue flower tree.

b)  Helping them with the concept of  drying &  packaging.

c) Market Linkage.

In-spite of having immense resources,  people are deprived from getting benefit of blue tea in both way–for own health & economically. Possible causative factors are– may be as follows:-

i) Consistency with other  existing conventional plantation.

ii) Lack of knowledge or will power.

iii) Unwilling to go for a new start up.

iv) Fear of  getting into online selling process.

v) Lack of push up factor from resource persons/able bodied persons for mobilizing target populations.

             Covid had changed our attitude, life style to a great extent. It made us dynamic & to opt new ideas/concept/work–coming out from our comfort zone.

 In this pandemic when we are struggling into a new normal, when we are struggling for filling up of economic loss, coming out from depression by opting new ideas & when people are becoming conscious ( related to health, economic, environment)— growing of Aparajita/Butterfly blue pea butterfly flower tree –can be beneficial both from individual as well as community level.

       Do you have courage to check it out???????????

Reasons for publishing pictures of helping people– in social media…

 After long time , I am back in blogging. I was suffered from Covid & now I am completely o.k, came back to my work. 

As I am involved in social work, working with people can’t be avoided but of course I try to maintain covid protocol . Through my work, I am fortunate enough to serve people by distributing them dry food ration & hygiene kit at one of the slum of howrah.

 I salute to  my organization–KJKS which in collaboration with German Doctors Association– is helping more than 1000 people in different districts of the state & some where organization is running community kitchen programme where they are serving cooked food to the family of covid effected people continuously, day by day.. 

   I have uploaded some pictures of that holy period of helping people by KJKS (with support from German Doctors Association).   But some societal members might be in their opinion against publishing pictures in media.  

I will explain the necessity &  positive sides of publishing pictures in social media.

During my covid times, what I felt that– mental strength plays a greater role in recovering from this disease. You might be under medication, checking your oxygen level regularly but you need a positive attitude, a feeling of fighting back to normal life during that period. 

Believe me(feeling of optimism)  works wonderfully when friends, neighbors, your well-wishers send you message, video of attaching with you mentally. It works to give you a positive feeling when you are isolated from your dear & near ones.

During this crisis period, we came to understand that human beings can’t leave alone. Our today’s materialistic life, competitions for social hierarchy, rat running towards gratifying of our  growing needs –all will go in- vain if we are not surrounded by people. 

Many organizations, individual take their kind step in helping people in many ways… by providing oxygen cylinder, helping in accessing health care service, purchase of dry food & distributing it to the people ..etc.

Some people ,organization, institutions are still  deadly against of publishing picture when someone/organization  is helping others. They are of the opinion that you can’t make others feel  low by helping them. One media house became agree while other rejected to air it in their channel saying that they have stopped filming & showing –of helping people by giving them somethings…

   But this attitude actually reflects the king & beggar relation if you allow yourself to think in that way.

Below are some reasons which can make you feel the positive sides in publishing pictures of relief work  in social media.

1. Changing self behavior while helping & publishing.

call for purpose

    “Swami Vivekananda”(An Indian and world famous monk & philosopher) explained —when you are giving somethings to else one, it means that you got an opportunity to repay your debt. It means that that person deserves it to get  back from you & simply you have accomplished your responsibility by giving his/her materials.

That feeling will make you relax & make receiver feel actually an owner, not from the angles of receiving alms as a beggar.

So, publishing of pictures of relief  work actually works as a catalyst for behavioral change within self.

2. Inspiring others for involvement in noble work…

   An urge of  Positive psychology of helping, involving in helping people come automatically when we watch good movie, pictures etc. That image inspire us to follow the same path & to accomplish our duties that might be in our subconscious mind.  For the same same reason, when it was announced by one media house(TV) that who would donate a certain amount, they will bring him to the TV. Through this, that media house could help many distressed persons in their crisis in the pandemic.

3. For the sake of survival...

    Covid did a positive work in our thinking. It had already shown us that it is not  of  following “Fittest for survival” ideology, by distancing mentally  rather make others fit for  the sake of survival of all in a society. Driven by this feeling, local club, institution, individuals–make a move in helping & publishing it in social media.

4. Accomplishing two in one objectives:–

  Helping does n’t means organization only distributed  some materials. While distributing dry food & hygiene kit, step had been taken by the organizational worker(KJKS & German doctors association)) to make people aware about the requirement of adopting positive behavior like — frequent washing of hands by sanitizer/alcohol based soap, wearing mask & maintain distancing. Here they(workers) also made it clear that here distancing means– only physical distancing, not mental distancing. It had been mentioned to keep our children save from 3rd wave in every possible extent. 

     This targeted people would act as change agent for the behavioral change at the local level. Thus a positive message might spread from micro to macro level– individual to whole  society via community.

5. Spreading of positive message through  online

    When covid had change our lifestyle, when we are spending more time online, so the message of requirement of helping people would reach to the large number of societal members fast & without in contact of each others.

  Whatever help might be provided by the organization/ individual— problem can’t be solved in a day & covering of large segment of people. A large number of people had lost their jobs. Children’s had become target of using cheap labour & child trafficking in some places during this crisis. In some places children had none to look after them as their guardians are either covid effected or passed away due  to this deadly virus. 

   A few month’s ago I saw a picture of a small child sitting beside the dead body of her mother who used to work as a daily labour. I am certain that the pictures had certainly made hundred people cry & feel to do something for the child. Hopefully that child has a father but there are many cases where they had become orphan. I could n’t know what happened to that child as there was not any update /pictures published in the media. It would be better if any of message would have published about how that child had been recued or how the family had been helped.

 Thus publishing pictures in media make other able bodied persons aware/awake & even political system to work for and in favour of  distressed people. 

    Now let me talk about the organization KJKS & German doctors Association. Both of these organization is working in India long time back. Where KJKS is feeding so many people during crisis,running an orphanage, educational support center, school and many more service for the needy & downtrodden section of the society, German doctors association is serving in many ways– especially with the health aspect.  KJKS with the support from German Doctors association had started TB awareness & Prevention project in the slums of howrah. 

  TB is neglected during pandemic though this opportunistic disease is taking lives of many people. Certainly this project would help people in becoming aware to the next level, right from diagnosis to treatment 

      I will write my involvement in this project & experiences gained through my working in next blogging.

 Hopefully perception for publishing pictures in media will be changed because–

        Publishing for a good cause should always be welcomed & lets us not be miser in doing that. 

Our team(KJKS)) in covid relief work..(dry food ration & hygiene kit distribution)..

               Please provide your  feedback. 

Get Your Jobs quickly.: Career for Sure Job in “CAREER THROUGH IPM”.. A sure success for a rewarding career & adding value in our Life.


I have written this regarding career of IPM (Indian Institute of Management). Even from other countries,candidates come to these institutes of IIM(Indore and Rohtak) for their career.

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11 Reasons for community care service Centre in prevention of suicide.

Community Care service Centre in prevention of suicide.

10th September had been recognised by WHO for World Suicide Prevention day. Causes for suicide is really a complex matter but its prevention strategy might reflect the need of creating or strengthening of existing Community care service as bottom up process for community engagement.

According to the WHO data- there are 8,00,000 deaths per year due to suicide & there exists 20 attempts for every suicide death. Suicidal tendencies increases as increase in ageing process. But tendency is increasing among the age group of (15-29).

In (15-29) years , there comes adolescent. We know that adolescence age is vulnerable by its nature when they suffer from identity crisis & are under influence of peer pressure.

As I told earlier, causes for suicide are of complex phenomenon & may or may not be related to the causative factors like-Suffering from illness for longtime, bulling at work place, conflict, substance abuse problem, Economic problem etc to name a few. In any cases prevention of suicide had become inevitable as it also have a bad impact in individual & community as a whole.

Now as Human being are social animal & largely effects or be effected by community, community care service had become essential in preventing suicide in the societal structure.

Here are the reasons for emphasising on” community care service Centre in prevention of suicide”.

  1. Community care centre can serve as engaging people in the prevention programme in a better way as professionals are well sensitised to the community people through accepting its culture/belief/values & norms .
  2. Community care workers through rapport building technique may reach to large number of people for awareness programme & turning them as stakeholder of the programme..
  3. It can highlight the burning issues of mental health problems for the inclusion in policy making for facilitation & service accessible to the target population within the community.
  4. Community as gatekeeper can reduce the risk & provide support service to the people feeling suicidal tendency. Often, persons with suicidal tendency feel hopeless . But they need someone trustworthy who might be a well & active Listener/emotional supporter instead of judging their behaviour as attention seeking.
  5. At the centre, there might be a short or long time based capacity building programme which would empower community people through life skill education to cope up of problems & to increase resilience power.
  6. Within the community, step will be taken by the care professionals to initiate programme related to awareness about mental health/causes/prevention of suicide in schools/colleges through quiz/discussion/Question & answer session by cohesion of the expert of community care professional & Educational institute. According to NCRB, more than 10,000 students committed suicide in India in 2018.
  7. This type of centre can act as a mediator between the person attempted suicide & resources. It can further empower that person for sustaining of resources. For that purpose, community self help group might be created or helped might be provided in linking target population with different existing self help group for their self- independence. It would work well for the person attempted suicide for the financial barrier as causative factor.
  8. Community care professionals through awareness/educating/empowering- can create change agent system for continuation of spreading & stopping suicidal attempt within the community especially among the vulnerable group.
  9. It can work much more better in creation of social network between individual, institutions,social media for effective implementation of prevention strategy & campaigning.
  10. Effectiveness of the prevention programme can easily be measured in a community by the centre through its monitoring & evaluation mechanism.
  11. People need skills to prevent this maladaptive behaviour or tendency. CCC(community care centre) can provide training through expert in the areas like-skill in suicide intervention(specific skills for persons to be trained) or General skill for all in the community people like -Teacher, Adolescent or anyone regarding determination of risk group or person & connecting them with resources for help.

We mentioned earlier also that Suicidal tendency is not related with individual problem. rather it effects adversely in our socio-economic structure. Loss of lives especially young as copycat suicide reflect reformation in our society for extending helping hands/empathy & having a non-judgemental attitude & instead increase awareness about the message that suicidal tendency is of temporary in nature & that-every problem has its solution .

An construction of committee within community care service can be helpful in addressing the problem at the community level. Involvement of male population in seeking of service while feeling low self esteem/hopeless from the expert — is in need of the hour because statistics shows suicidal tendencies exists more in male than female population.

There exists another important reason behind involving Community care service in this purpose. Though from world data,it is clear that male population die more in % or number than female but there are some countries like-Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar where data in 2015 reveals that female is ahead than male.

Look at the data below-

Year:- 2015 (Crude suicidal rate, per 1,00,000 population). (REF:- WHO)

  1. Bangladesh:- Male-4.7 & Female- 7.4
  2. Myanmar:- Male-5.8 & Female(9.3).
  3. Pakistan:- Male-2.8 & Female(3.1).

This figure definitely implies the need of addressing other socioeconomic factor along with individual in the prevention strategy & for this purpose, community care programme would be fruitful — without any doubt.

There are number of articles/awareness programme,helpline etc in preventing suicidal tendencies among us. But still, when we suffer from any problem, then we feel alone & helpless. There are some families where parents are staying alone as children are staying far away for the sake of study/earning purpose. In-spite of all the helping line these elderly people feel so depressive that sometimes it seems to them as they don’t have any alternatives.

Similarly, students who are studying in far away & staying at hostel/mess/rented house sometimes feel depressive/hopeless while going through any conflict or for other reasons.

We can reach to them thorough community care & prevention service.

Community care service can be provided to the people by establishing community care centre through PPP(Civil society organisation & Govt) model. Service can be rendered by professionals & Volunteers. Volunteers across the world would be helpful in exchange of knowledge,Skill development training, Advocacy,campaigning & implementation of prevention related programme in the community.

Membership of volunteers from concerned area in participation, protection( people at risk) & implementation would add an extra millage . It would help in achieving success towards the implementation & achieving target of 0 suicide programme within the community.

Every 10th September will be celebrated with the aim of prevention of suicide cases.

our effort will be aiming in achieving 0 suicide cases through spreading of message regarding prevention,skill development in protecting & helping people at risk throughCommunity care service Centre in prevention of Suicide because—” your life matters”.

When Surname matters

We all know that surname is the last name that reflects the identity of our family.Whether you are taking admission in school, Job, filling up of format in passport or in marriage,

We need to use our surname because surname really matters in our life..

I would n’t like to mention here in searching long source of history of surname rather its impact in our societal equilibrium.

In the society, we might be accustomed to go through rules for governing our behaviour & meet our social needs. Right from childhood to adult stage, everywhere kinds of institutions are there in fulfilling our needs for eg- family, marriage,education,religion, govt etc. These social institutions aimed at balancing equilibrium at social structure.

But will you consider surname as the causative factor in the creation of polarisation that is actually destroying the balance? well in this case you might argue about the importance of surname that indicates the source of our origin, from where have we come, the name of the region etc.

O.K that’s fine. But these may be known in other ways instead of using surname. You might ask that why am I in the against of existence of surname system. It is because it is affecting our lives within the parameters of social structure. It is because it acts as catalyst in destroying cohesion among various social groups, increases distances among us & creates a hierarchy system of placing us & creating limit setting factor for us.

Let us find out its impact  in  our life.

Class/caste & racism:-

Social stratification on the basis life style living /occupation/rituals– all these indicates to the caste system. In India it still persists & no one can deny it .

If your surname is singh that means you are khatriya(warrior),Banerjee/chatterjee belongs to(Bhramhin). Taking birth in a Bhramhin’s family one thus acquired the legitimacy in ascertaining the role as a priest to earn through worshipping. Other surname holders can’t have the right to enter into this institution of economy with license for earning.

According to 2011 Census, there are 16.6% SC(Scheduled caste), 8.6% ST(Schedule Tribes). Apart from these, there are people , called OBC(other backward class) consisting of 52% of Indian population(as Mandol commission). These OBC enjoys 27 % reservation in public sector employment & higher education.

When you have surname belongs to any of these categories, you would be entitled to receive facilities right from scholarship in education to employment & age relaxation as a job seeker.

As per institutional policy these facilities are being provided to remove bias & promote equality but in reality it is a retrograde step as our constitution describes equality among the citizens of the country. Considering present context, there is time coming soon to have reservation system for the surname consisting of General Category who are struggling for their existence.

Certain people with surname changes & reaches to the class in the social hierarchy.

Now, if you come to racial ground, I want to cite an example of influence of surname over it.

in the Uk, a researcher while submitting a thesis(racism in UK,2013),conducted a semi structured interview among 32 peoples. 29 out of 32 participants seemed to be found in changing their surname simply as their surname reflected racial identity.

According to “Tableau Public”, some of the racially homogeneous surnames, used by minimum 100k people per name— are-

  1. Most White:- Walsh(94.5%), Meyer(94.8%)

2. Most Asian:- XU(98.3%), ZHU-(98.2%)

3. Most Native American:-Begaye-(95.5%), T.Sosie-(95.0%)

In the early 20th century,African American sounding names & surnames holders were facing more job discrimination. Earlier in 200 census, total 163,063 people were counted & it had been found that 90 % of them belongs to African American, choosing surname of “Washington” in order to ascertain their freedom.

It is perhaps in the process of asserting of freedom, more than 1000 joined in the civil rights demonstration with the rally-” Get your knee off our necks”.

Family unity VS community dis integrity:-

Family is our primary institution where we by our surname can know the name of our ancestors.

families that are related to each others is supposed to be within same clan. In using surname we might get proud in the unity of our family for e.g joining by our extended family.

But simultaneously it has a bad impact towards the integrity of our community set up. Using surname provide barriers in social interactions. It decides whether it would be allowed or in what extent in case of social interactions & bonding. Definitely it goes against social grooming & thus maintaining cohesion within various groups in our community.


To day, using of own surname even after marriage no doubt reflects our attitude based on broad mentality,education & empowerment. But this surname system & its using had put mankind in the confused state from where it really becomes difficult for us to follow our both-old as well as existing system. Following of surname of either parents enhances possibility of gender bias- towards creation of patriarchal & matriarchal structure.

When children are proud in carrying surname of both parents, then also after her marriage she would have to go for adding & I just can’t think where it might stop after few generations.

Don’t you think this surname system thus acts as causative factor towards polarisation? Does not it remind us the difference between male & female existence & need for empowerment /capacity building /male- chauvinism/Feminism terminologies for the sake of persistence of our egoism?

Our foundation of morality are thus affected by the use of surname system & its inevitable impact is felt by us towards our urge in concentrating self-ism rather group-ism.

This self-ism is detrimental towards sustaining of even institution like- joint family where societal integrity is far way in our though process.

Honour Killing:-

have you gone through the Homicide case(May’202o) of Mahendergarh district in Chandigarh where a boy belongs to yadav surname was killed as he had an affair with girl using Brahmin surname, or

the kanpur killing case (Dec’2019) of 21 year girl because she got married out of her caste. She was killed in-spite of the fact that she had a court marriage with the boy from outer caste.

O.k Lets take a tour around the world. In 2012, Noor Al-melki (20 years) of pheonix was killed by her father Faleh-Al- Maleiki(Ref: CBS-48 hours mystery).

Pakistan is the country where honour killing is widely reported. Other countries are- Bangladesh, Brazil ,Canada, Egypt,Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Italy & even  UK or USA.

As per UN Estimation there are around 5,000 numbers of women & girls killing per year in the name of honour killing.

All these honour killing or shame killing attitude is derived from the concept of violating family norms & hence to be punished by the family /group members. This actually

Though steps had already been taken by the supreme court(in India) to prevent this shameful act & this is punishable offence under sec-307,308,120-(A + B) etc but attitude still persists in our society within us due to using of surname , claiming to be within clan on the basis of surname & continuation of practice of the prejudice of passing our surname Generation wise.

More persistence of using our surname in any extent , more will be the tendency towards gender discrimination & violence against women.

Can you ignore the impact of our surname system as one of Major causative factor towards anti-social thinking of “Honour Killing”?

Thus being conferred to rule the society on the basis of power dynamics that person achieved due to the dynasty is actually based by surname system in our societal structure.

We, thus have our succession system of transferring automatically health,wealth ,power & privileges. All classification/sub classification of our clan/sub clan or clan & family system as institution are having its impact ultimately in key social institutions like – Education ,Employment & Marriage.

Inequality in the society due to quota system/reservation policy without proper monitoring , increase rate of violence against women, inequitable class system by using alphabets in surname for getting privilege in education– all these persists in our life—

“When surname matters “.